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In this small camp a man horse rider is training scandal horse, his love animal for future equestrian sports and competitions in the country.

Annie: the Big Horse Race, The Mysterious Morgan Horse, Curtains and Tapestries, treats, Blankets, Sits
Selling Western Horse Soft Fleece Throw Blanket, 63"x73"
When we asked him what kind of species his ride is, his answer was " this world's star scandal horse is from a Spanish ( Spain original ) raze, but we call him a Natural animal friend on our You-tube musical video uploaded time ago

| Horses from America, the horse training is a great career.
| The Criollo Horses are the best at the local yearly parades " Website Youtube shoes video, 4 minutes I think.

Sincerely a tell to my friend how to dance, how to walk and she understands perfectly the exact move for his job all time. I'm very happy with the great results achieved in these level and field of training the small and big pets.
Please make a musical video for me and my friend to upload online and sharing it

Junto al entrenador de caballos aparece el hombre con La gallina del tope en San Jose aparece en estos años 2018/2019.
The man horse rider with the chicken on the top of his head, good show. Mr. Canilla ( Horse trainer, with 30 years experience )

Highly recommends this great animal and very good trained horse fron the top horse trainer ever, named " Escandalo horse" or better known as " Scandal English definition".
8 years Of Age Only.

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Price? As far of equestrian sports, people that don't understand much about having and maintaining the animals in a healthy condition, it is important to learn from trainers basically because they really know a lot, how to train one, and how to feed them, what kind of food they eat and when to shower them with a horse shampoo and conditioner.

What kind of shoes to place at their feet, the best time to do so and have a lot of fun showing up at competition around towns for special prices given to best winners.

When I ride This Nice Horse, a perfectly trained animal horse locally, It is like a great feeling of security and coordination with my orders given are well obeyed by Scandal in a step by step perfect job done by the top horse trainer ever

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A little bit about my career and the San Jose Horses Parade.

Originally I was born in Heredia and with the knowledge about this kind of animals, I initiated a wonderful trip to Man-Horse trip and training. So many horses I have trained till today, that i think the Amount is lost in my mind today, but it is my special living and until I die

It will be the last day of waking up every morning and looking at the corral for the next baby to teach my good rules of marching on public.
The Fiesta is big in this country CR and many races of female and male horses can be seen with their respective professional riders, that is what we love and I have it in my heart for dedication.

A nice horse stepping and dancing | Trote de los caballo es producido por el entrenador de Caballos
Something that it is not easy to find on other horses, we can see In our horse scandal
The quality unique pureness.

The leg and step coordination is one of his qualities.
His hooves have enormous strength and a permanent resistance.
On smaller spaces he keeps his consistence Marching in a musical equality, a rider trying to train an animal.

Spanish: Cuando lo monto y lo llevo a trotar, es una hermosa sensación de seguridad de que cada orden dada, el la obedece paso a paso con el entrenamiento.
Caballo de plata o plateado |
Comprar monturas para usar e uso personal fantástico en Costa Rica.
Entrenamiento de caballos y caballeros criollos.
Comunicarse ventas mi foto En 2018 2019 el festival.

Dentro del grupo de los caballos criollos es Escándalo tiene ese algo de pureza y delicadeza que es nada fácil encontrar en otros caballos criollos y caballistas hombres y bellas chicas, hermosas mujeres caballista.

Su coordinación de sus piernas delanteras y traseras con los cascos.
La resistencia de sus cascos es eminente y permanente.
Su marcha es de pura raza.
Un buen trabajo de entrenamiento continuo y completo

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| Resting, Horse Dance | Watch more amazing videos.
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Español: Un caballo descansando con albarda de montar. Por Favor verlo y hacer opiniones (opinar al respecto), opines

Aun en los espacios mas difíciles, este bello caballo de nuestra Patria se mantiene en el trote o marcha con elegancia en un ritual aprendido de su maestro. Todas las fotografías fueron tomadas sorpresivamente, pero el video puede ser visto a esta dirección