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Most Interesting Places To Visit

set of photography to show unique places to go abroad, things to do once arrived the outstanding green nature or at night in downtown.
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(Photos: Hand made home door designs. Experiment named after school name)

puerta de casa

Between a flight, just pick a destination and hotel to stay and a car rental or hire vehicle, there it goes, at least $12500 Dollars in fifteen days trip

Anyone can take a quick trip to San Jose Costa Rica and visit gorgeous places, affordable travel the Panama canal, the Panamanian channel or the southern neighbor, you could perfectly spend about 10 ten thousand $10,000 USD / to approximately 15,000 k dollars in about three or more days, $10,000 for hotel room or suite, food, nigh time fun and shopping.

In order to present you the most important images or known as local international photos for the capital in San Jose Costa Rica, we have decided to make a division of our colorful gallery.
The comfortable and acceptable media for the searching software.

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As the cities in the continent are changing constantly with new innovations of construction and discoveries by engineers professionals builders, engendering companies trying to make a living and putting down the older historical constructions made by times of the colony

We can't stand that change and what is best than picture that last for ever, hopefully you like our set of photography taken with a video canon camera.

Escuela Juanito Mora

Normally people take the time to shop when they travel with family and getting to know places and people cultures as they take their most appreciated vacations.
In our case we just grab the photo video camera and go like crazy town by town and cities taking the best shuts in front of our eyes.

Moments where you decide to stay sitting at a near park and ignore the crowd of people walking around, and then suddenly to your side a glorious and enigmatic building shows up from nowhere, this is the most famous building

The capital of the arts, theater of my soul
The place where our ancestors assisted and enjoyed a acting or a symphony musical and classic front hose longtime gone years.
Costa Rican national Theater has an unique Masonic and modern posses style.

Nice Affordable Places to Travel

Absolutely gorgeous places in central Americas and the Caribbean.

Anyone who has been inside will tell that he or she feels they are in Paris France or in London England.
Music theater downtown city)

Teatro Melico Zalazar | Music theater

People come over to international airport asking for special deals, a cheap vacation packages with all inclusive.
Meaning bed and breakfast style budget.
However, the correct way is to check the offers online from their country's internet access and book over the phone or using an application or better known as the Smarphone Samsung and Nokia travel app.
( Parte de la Historia

National Theatre

Modern Architecture.
A priceless glass or crystal material from Europe and time countless.

This beauty can not be shown at a simple camera shot, instead we can ad that they are from all rare imagination really valuable for people in our country profile.

About the material from what it was made there is a very little information, but what ever the Italians and Spaniards used for sure it is very expensive these days and hard to find.

vitrales vidrieras | glass windows

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ventanales de iglesia | antique glasses

Una experiencia única y con gente que habla tu idioma Español, la lengua Española.
N -La Historia.

Vidrios dentro de La Merced, es algo de lo que no gustamos de hablar, pero debido a la existencia de este material se puede aportar que son maravillas del pasado y que se debe conservar por muchos anos mas, pues no hay precio por tanta belleza.

N - Ventanales, lo que se puede mostrar, no es ni la mitad de lo que son para esta hermosa y elegante antigüedad.

O - Arquitectura Moderna, este edificio debe tener aproximadamente tres veces la altura del antiguo edificio de correos nacionales, que esta justo al lado.

Valores de los ticos y para el mundo que lo aprecia, representan no solo la luz dentro de la catedral, sino que en esta posición quedaron perfectos, para mirarlos y apreciarlos desde abajo, pues están en altura.
Sabemos que existen muchos lugares bellas y valiosos en nuestra ciudad, pero usar la imaginación o visítela y termine por nosotros de descubrirla.