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Stunning photography and the monumental treasures, the latest history for American countries.
Published featured products, postcard history series, with stunning, rarely seen images, the Central Park.

close of mailing office

More rare pictures, unusual buildings construction with data to 1800's in Europe, "the old continent". Placed later in the downtown San Jose is full with surprises.

American history goes from northern countries of the Americas to the southern country Argentina.

Right after the Spanish colony for the promised new land "Cartagena De Indias" Discovered by Christopher Columbus and a selected group of men by the Isabel Queen from Spain
The group decided to begin with what we call today, an exploring world record trip to an unknown land by Europeans.

However it became the beginning of a brand new opportunity for travelers and explorers to travel far away, people moving across the Atlantic ocean onboard small canvas boats, just like the three boats that Columbus directed to our Americas the first time.

The good news began on discovery of America on October 12th In reach the island Indies in 1502's, So When was USA, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and other countries discovered and by whom?

All discovering happed At the year 1492 and continued till 1512. It was just a ambitious poor man project, who spoken with Juan II 2nd of Portugal about a travel to India on 1484 with their support

But he did not receive any and then sad he went to Castilla, the place where the Spanish Catholic Kings
The same man who later decided to follow with the program

And that later by a calculation error (America was a discovery accident), the reach of the Indies first arrival by Spaniards discoverers calculation errors providing a culture in history has the signature from European lower countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece
A real contemporary religious and Renaissance finger tips movement torch placing their ideologies, music, dress codes and costumes right on this lands.

correos san jose

American Colonies began to take form looking alike Europe
And Aborigines live were transforming slowly as they lost the battle against the new visitors who did not have any intentions to make a flight
A wrap their baggage and go back just walking away from so much gold and free way of living from their kingdoms.

It did not happened only in the United states, it also did happened on each territory the Europeans touched and converted to theirs.

No matter where people go to visit in the land of the Americas.

They always will find the Older Europe's fingerprint on many older engendering Cathedras and Lighthouses, roads specifically designed for them to pass and move.
Mr. Cristobel Columbus never dreamed that his ides and his most loved projects will be stolen in the near future by a man who's name will be signed on the Map Of America.

Therefore Costa Rica named it's second capital after Jesus father " Saint Joseph" ( Fist Cartago second San Jose) and the main entrance to this beautiful Capital " the pass of Cristobel Columbus" or "El Paseo Colon".

antiguedades edificios

Parque del Edificio de Correos | Blanca y Pura descansa La Paz | Antigüedad Modernismo

A nice and peaceful place to hang around | The mail office's Park located at downtown | The Antique and the modern.

correos de costa rica

A contemporary building and a city too keep those precious things that past left as a hereby
estatua al frente del correo

estatua - statues

Únicas fotos que  son acerca del edificio de correos | En el edificio de correos, detrás y de frente Por horas lo miramos y sus detalles aun no son descubiertos, pues tiene muchísimos secretos en su construcción barroca y masón.

Masons styles contractions, baroques of the national mail office, front and behind the frontal statues. | At the front mail building

older buildings

older houses

italian style building

Bella Construcción en el Barrio Amon | En el Paseo Colon hoy día

| Columbus trail in today, a small district.
| Back in time hundreds of years, Latin America

casa antigua

capilla san jose

escudo cr - costa rica athem

Una bella Arquitectura, casas antiguas |

Catedrales, La Catedral (The older Europe legacy), Parque Central y nosotros dijimos que daríamos a conocer lo mejor de lo mejor y esta es la prueba del tiempo y nuestra cultura.

Design from past and just to change antiques homes "Italian architecture 1800's style red" and a wonderful and fully Spaniard older home with style | Important emblem and Seal on many national coins and flags of this country, monumental and old plus original picture of the stones of time at the emblem arch.
| The Cathedra