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Learning on soccer from central America, from beautiful and unique Costa Rica, travel and be part of the group of vacationers, vacation time and stopping working to have some fun.

See tall and small waterfalls, long rough roads that takes tourism to volcanoes and rivers, beaches and amazing incredible sites never visited by the regular men

Visit and be a traveler with style. We are trying to deliver the best information about San Jose in Costa Rica, and la Sabana the closest best attraction for the local Costa Ricans, many international visitors and investors too.

The history is a myth and the truth will come out soon, but lets remember that in the need for sports San Jose did not have a place like this, for the is not a dough that that could be why the immense natural peoples park was built at first, then it became a major Showtime on a open field, the national Costa Rica's stadium.

Football Soccer and love stories together.

Find Affordable room Stay in Hotels Near Airport Worldwide, By Renting For Less Money For rent, rooms to stay at San Jose

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Es En la sabana donde esta el famoso estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, Lugar de grandes Eventos de este grandioso Pueblo, Fue Música, baila, Artistas que Presentaron los Actos mejores venidos de toda America, la Hispana y La Anglo Sajona.

Pero talvez La Mejor Palabra Para describir la sabana es Deportes, Si Muchos deportes se Llevan acabo en este mismo lugar, dentro y fuera del estadio, Sus grandes Y frondosos Cipreses y eucaliptos esconden grandes Amores, Que En las tardes, mañanas y noches Se dan Entre variadas parejas de Personas.

Los Niños, Mujeres y hombres disfrutan sin importar De lo que Pasa al su alreedor De este Increíble parque nacional de Costa rica. El museo de Arte Y La federación de Fútbol y El colegio de Rodigo Facio se encuentran En El terreno de la Sabana.
Pero cual será la Historia De la Ciudad al lado de san José? No se sabe a ciencia Cierta, porque Sabana, Si ese Es Un Nombre De las pampas Guanacastecas y los paisajes Del pacifico?.

Lo averiguaremos Pronto.
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If you need to travel and locate the best deal on insurance, rent a car, hotel room.
Special beach to have a nice honeymoon or buy an airplane ticket n save a lot look and take your best shut Best destinations for A Travel Trip High Rating Places

Affordable vacations, all inclusive cheap, all inclusive discounted, all inclusive, list of cities in, largest cities, the best map Cities in Costa Rica find The Map

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