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The story below does not mean necessary our opinion, instead it is a recall for all those people that in some way or another have something to relate with been away from their country land ever
Cuentame una historia antes de morir, mi amigo del alma

That's the case of the young man found in the united states and with his thoughts he always said that he will come back some day soon, but it wasn't like that, because the cancer was faster than his will. Oh! my town, my city, Puriscal in America.

While In the meantime, bob dylan's son, Jakob Luke dylan ( they both are famous American singers and songwriters ), wrote the song titled New York, and here are the lyrics:
Lay your worries
A property that can be yours, real estate with all the
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Down at your door
Now my loves
Like an open shore
Throw your suitcase
Sweetheart overboard Now tired eyes

In winter clothes
You aren't got nothing
You can't let go
Now tell your mother
You love her
She already knows
Now in Florida Ft Lauderdale West Palm Beach
We got nothing to do
When the nights
Hang dark
And the sun
Won't burn
You may or may not
Ever return

Going under with you
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Sweet Home in Florida - Hermosa Casa

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