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carreteras - Highway

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Spanish language.
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A while ago some personal question was made to our company by some source of information in the USA,? An Answer was like this.


How come your website pretends to compete with San Jose in California in the conditions of bigger community and huge advantages that the US offers and your country doesn't?

My answer immediately was? we are unique, small but unique and with a lot of friends that keep telling other friends and families.
And not, we aren't competing at all, just a small village with a huge heart and sharing you know.
The amazing picture gallery of San Jose in Costa Rica more history central gallery.

See some camera shots, below |
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For A Friendly Country There is None Obstacles, Trips and travel, so Why not to stay at least one week? and visit all many nice places when it offers the best, have all the fun ever, so you don't forget about It ever.

This name was given by the Costa Ricans in honor of Jesus our Savior's Father. Within the next fantastic camera shots, we appreciate you to consider our information available for shopping in our solid Tica, the state of the art web site.


ESPANOL" Para un país de la amistad nunca existen fronteras, viaje a Centro América.
Aun hay mas galerías - Galería historia.

Cuando venimos a la capital tica, nosotros esperamos encontrarlo todo al toque de un botón.

Pero en mismo momento que intentamos encontrar lo que buscamos, notamos que no es tan fácil pues las direcciones son diferentes, La gran cantidad de gente caminando por las aceras y los números de las avenidas y edificios ya casi no se ven del todo.

Es cuando aquel dicho que dice así " Preguntando se llega a Roma" y a la primera persona que vemos confiable, le hacemos la pregunta. A donde queda?

Lo bueno de los Costarricenses es que ellos te dan información, pero al estilo " Tico ", y aun con direcciones así te cuesta llegar, pero llegas, si sigues preguntando.
Ah !, no se te olvide ser gentil y dar las gracias, con una sonrisa. La capital, su nombre lo dice todo, fue dado por los costarricense en honor al Padre de Jesús Cristo, nuestro Salvador.
Apreciamos su tiempo al mirar nuestro trabajo artístico de nuestra website para el publico costarricense y el mundo entero.
OK. ver algunas fotos, abajo

Un puente del Pueblo Carreteras y puentes | The People's Bridges.

Autopista General Canas | The General Casas RD. Traditional Road's side.
Ave Segunda / Second Avenue
Edificio frente al hospital | San Juan De Dios Highway | Carreteras a San Jose.

Viaje con alcantarillas, fotos / Load cargo traveling cr. cargo trucks and free ways.
Avenida Central fotografías / Downtown's Picture, free of cars Caminando en el parque de La Sabana / Park Sabana's Walking.

construction piping

gentes - local people

People in CR Cercanías de Hospital Mexico | Mexican hospital, name for this medical national center | Avenidas, Central en Diciembre Fotos | First Main Downtown avenue, the image

city mirror

Fitness tours walking, ten half an hour short tours

walking tours for fitness

Un café
Cafetería y Negocios | Travel San Jose and enjoy a powerful coffee at the coffee small restaurant, on the main city.

Reach quality accommodation, brands like The Hilton and Marriott, plus a name for 50 years on service to tourism the day before and after arrival or departure to international airport.
The famous Hotel Costa Rica.
Best services from hotel's manager and personnel, excellent dining restaurant and delicious food.
Ask the hotel Costa Rica's kitchen professional cook and waiters, waitress.

second avenue/ 2da

We Guess it is very hot Tiquicia ( Tico World ) and land of the Pura Vda (The Slogan Pure Life!)
Hace Calor en San José?!!| a Dove is thirsty and drinks water |
Una paloma con sed
Ciudades e la imaginación en las

Discovery of the Seventh States | Siete Provincias