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From a citizen USA legally resident abroad this Country.
(photo of the church)

The church

We apologize for the inconvenient about this city history and pictures, we are working hard on it.

The town on many years Ago, as the local peoples use to call it, is today very attractive for companies, the factories and development.
Located at the heart of San Jose Costa Rica's capital.
Desamparados has a relevant point
The most important for many visitors to the Costa Rica's capital is "You make a story by your own".
Become a legally resident

When talking about a small and tropical place like this location, people usually get confuse with other neighbors islands like Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean.
Since the eighteen hundreds till the year 2015 /16
countries that relate to Spain have being developing and with a large amount of years generations build their travel sports to attract individuals from all 4 corners looking or affordable living and becoming a legally resident alien.
The citizen USA already retire and with an income every month to pay their bills and have enough to enjoy their remaining years as their "A Story maker".

Visitors worldwide locations to enjoy of what they have to offer for a small amount of Euros and Dollars American.
One more day doesn't make much different in the books of historical events that as normal are happening every ten to twenty five years or so.

However, each generation has a tendency to change and go away each fifty years.
The one is left behind never gets forgotten as longer they play music, sing and dance.
(A nice comfortable home for sale)

Una casa con auto carro

That's is called the country's folklore and costumes and traditions.
Some others

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Just paint their homes, create new amusement buildings, play good football soccer and go every weekend for a party to last for eternity.
Like these people's in Latin America
Also peoples worldwide want to do the same, and those little things they do while living in communities is what makes the different, good things remain to remember.

Para quedarse en casa un dia savado y mirar la television, programas de baile, musica and juegos en donde mucha gente gana autos o carros.
Ademas, ellos ven juegos de futbol y escuchan musica en una tableta iPad o Samsung smartphone.
A todos los negocios y personas Comerciantes de Desamparados, presente porque esta puede ser su pagina.
Encontraremos tu historia e historias típicas para Desamparados, pero para ello necesitamos un tiempo
Así que pedimos disculpas cordiales y sigan viniendo a revisar esta pagina pronto.
Por ahora se puede mirar la historia de San José y las ciudades de Puntarenas, la historia en Alajuela, Santa Cruz en Guanacaste y algunas otras.
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