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Where is located the city Coronado Costa Rica? Located on the road map just few minutes from downtown San Jose, the capital CR.

historical building

Four star hotel Lookout Playa Tortuga Ojochal (in Olochal, distanced approximately 8.1 km)
Cristal Ballena Hotel Resort & Spa (in Olochal, distanced approximately 13 km)
Green Forest (in Uvita, distanced approximately 21 km)

Villas Alturas (in Dominical, calculating by approximately 31 km)
Villa Ambiente (in Dominical, calculating aprox. Approximately 35 km)
Vistadrake Lodge (in Drake, distanced approximately 44 km)
Cabinas Manolo Drake Bay (in Drake the capital of the South, distanced approximately 42 km).

1 hour from Manuel Antonio National Park.
It is almost obvious that when we find ourselves inside the country, once in Costa Rica.

The first barrier as an alien is to start learning the Spanish in Coronado Costa Rica to understand how they thing and what is the message they spell out of their mouth.
These signs are called the mother language as the first speaking language.

The religious matter is always a plus, we must show respect and care to their local believes.

Third main political catholic roots are strongly attached to their lives from centuries already.
The name of its towns are in Spanish.
Well This city in San Jose is the capital of this country.
I's the clear sample of that, not only in Spanish
But also it has a touch of religious matter, catholic to be exact.

Coronado means " crowned " and we all know who really was crowned in the past history

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Jesus the lord, of course.
Ok, this means that Costa Rice used names from the holy bible. See, it has san Pedro ( saint peter), San Juan
( saint john ), San Jose
( saint Joseph ), San Lucas isle and largest Tiquicia´s island.
( saint Luke ), and so on.
For a place with small proportions and a tiny amount of locals citizens, this town is willing to grow soon and reach a place of privileges participating on developing projects, new college graduated professionals and universities.
The locals want to be heard and attract more investing corporations, easy ways to find jobs positions and get hired with he new internet and digital era.

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De la casa esta es la historia de un pueblo costarricense con orgullo y muchos deseos de progresar. Es muy frió algunas veces, talvez por su cercanía a las Montanas de la meseta central. es de clima frió y sus ciudadanos cultivan la tierra, su altura se Nota fácilmente cuando se vive en coronado.

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