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We have a city close of the capital with the name of Christopher Columbus.

Situated at 15 minutes from the International Airport and about 25 minutes downtown S.J.

You can See Many Wild animals walking along the side of the road, when you drive or walk to the small city or town of Ciudad Colon and it is very common to find cows along with them blocking the roads and you must wait for them to move away.

When a country hides their gold, the yellow coins and aboriginal art made on metal
The coffee plantations are very common to observe in this area too.
Where so many student worldwide visits over to learn about peace at the university college of peace to share with visitors and students from many European Asian Australia African countries.

Usually also visit day in San Jose and San Pedro, to learn about the metropolitan Costa Rican shopping areas malls
Our representatives will visit this place"The university of peace" soon And then we will deliver many pictures and information, including local stories and legends, one more time for a magnificent town.
The cities
When people retire is looking for something to do with their lives for those years they supposed be taking it easy and relaxing. There are many opportunities for them to integrate to groups that make tours and trips everyday and they spend the day busy, exercising and living large every second. Yes, it takes some optically physically and mentally health, a health medical insurance, just in case. Then, go out and enjoy life with friends, be happy again doing what you like and love to do.

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Remember, this one has an university of peace to tell the wolrd there is hope at the end of the road.

En Espanol: Parte de la historia Costa Rica es ir a comprar regalos, estudiar en universidad college libros, una ciudad que crece y con un potencial enorme.
Tenemos una ciudad cerca de San Jose con el Nombre de Cristóbal Colon.

En muchos lugares se observa el folclore historia Costa Rica, pero en las ciudades pequeñas se nota mucho mas.

Animales salvajes atravesados en el camino, bueyes y vacas, así es la tierra nuestra de hoy y probablemente por largo tiempo mas.

Vale la pena recordar que en esta ciudad se encuentra la universidad de la paz y que estudiantes interesados en aprender como aplicarla y mantenerla vienen para aca y estudian acerca de lo que Enseñanza en ingles o español.
Muy pronto continuaremos con historia y leyendas de esta ciudad de la paz tica, incluyendo fotografías e informaciones de la gran ciudad y sus cercanías allá sobre las montanas