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City Stories | Historias De Acosta.
In love, unique loving so. (In love) Enamored from my girl friend.
In Costa Rica and with special the reviews.

A building for religion purposes

Note about:
The owner of this story has asked us to not reveal his identity, and only that if we find out about any ladies interested in him, then we Are to let him know immediately

He is from Acosta and is very secure of himself, " Macho "
This is The Story He Has To Tell:
" I was in the Dark Night with my girlfriend, when i saw a Bright light coming towards us.
I thought that it was a dead light and i ran away, forgetting my girlfriend and in the act and leaving her unprotected and Alone. Una bella mujer, la chica de San Jose

I can tell you that it took Quite awhile for me to return to the place where i abandoned my Beloved girlfriend, and that we were in an advanced relationship.
But the most sad Part about this, it is that when I finally decided to do so, even when i already knew that something terrible could Have happened to her ( maybe the dead light killed her? ).

But suddenly, I gained Enough courage to go back to her place, but what a surprise I received when she told me that we were over, and that she was very busy and had someone else.
She said " go away coward ", when i asked what Had happened.

What a " MAE " ( Stupid person ) i was! I did not know that the light Wasn't a dead light at all, but instead it was him and she never loved me! everything was a trap to change me for the other.

downtown roads and cars

Downtown roads and cars

Since then, I still cannot find a girl friend and now I am Sixty-two years old and still living alone (what a nightmare or night story).
What is worse is that i have Repeated nightmares every so often about night lights coming or getting closer over at me in the dark."

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Única en su genero.
Estaba a oscuras y cuando vi la luz que se acercaba, pensé que era un muerto del mas allá, entonces se me olvido que estaba enamorando a mi novia y eche a correr dejándola sola y desamparada, humm, machos Ticos!.

En continuación con la historia de arriba, te puedo decir que llevo rato para volver a buscar a mi amada noviecita, una mujer muy bella, mas conocida como la chica de San Jose, que ya estábamos bastante adelantados en la relación.

Pero mas gacho fue que cuando de verdad decidí regresar aun a sabiendas de que el muerto la había tomado por sorpresa o quizás matado, yo me llene de valor de macho y lo hice.

Cual fue mi sorpresa que al encontrarla a ella muy ocupada, me respondió cuando le pregunte que pasaba, y su respuesta fue muy clara, ya tengo a otro y por favor vete porque allí no hay lugar para ti cobarde!.

Pero que mae fui, no sabia que el era el de la luz y que nunca hubo amor, sino que todo fue una trampa para cambiarme por el.

christmas trees plantation

Christmas trees plantation!

Desde entonces no encuentro novia y ya tengo cincuenta anos viviendo solo, y lo que es peor es que tengo pesadillas con las luces de noche.
Nota: El autor pidió su nombre no sea revelado y solo que si se supiese que si alguna chica esta interesada, le dejen saber de inmediato, que el si es macho y de Acosta.
Si usted conoce algunas leyendas o historias como esta o parecidas, déjanos saber y las pondremos en nuestras paginas para el mundo entero.
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