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Each City People Tell A Story

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fun boats

The ferry Boat to paquera

People tell stories to feed their faith, and it keeps going for many years and centuries from generation to different generations in agree with their locally believes.

In the middle of the controversy strangers visiting the town, find themselves evolved and they do not have another way out just to listen and keep telling it.

First like any other central American place, this happens to have it's own story, and the ocean is always there to verify their words.

The story inside out with facts Puntarenas downtown. For a variety of tourism arriving since the 40's from European countries, USA and Canada, who just stay for one week, two or even a month in downtown Puntarenas while they get their cruiser boats fixed or plan their next oceanic trip around the coast to Panama or Acapulco Mexico with small or medium traverse canvas boats.

Story Of Carmen Guardian

Unfortunate not many of them realize that so closer of Puntarenas downtown is " Famous Miracle Carmen, la Virgin".
When we talked with locals
They said " she guards the sailor, the men who risks their lives day after day traveling and earning their food for their families and friends inside the ocean waves.

Like the three sailors who lost their way back because of a storm and lost in a place where they could only see the sky day and night, while they lay down on a piece of wood boards
They were carried out by the virgin Carmen, who appeared and old them " do not worry
I take you out and make you meet your families today".

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For sure there will be people who do not believe and it is OK
Watch The Cruise Boats and the Beach Video

Colorful sun umbrellas and people playing soccer sports wearing short pants and no shoes

But until something happen to US and we need the help it is when we realize that a small hand push by a divine figure like her comes to be very handy.

The ferry Boat to paquera

ocean pacific, end city

D- a boat in the sea, fisher working for fisher men Un varco Pesquero.

E- Un bote para navegar y divertirse, Viajar en El ferry Paquereno | Fun Time sailing Bote, Transportation To Guanacaste, Paquera

F- The ferry to Caldera, San an Lucas Island, Paquera & Cobano, Nicoya golf Boat | el barco de pasajeros o ferry

Un bote de la pesca maritima, un ferry que va a Paquera La vista al mar, lugar de oraciones  | a fisher boat with name Roxana
Tthe cruiser boats called the ferry Porteno, Pacific view place for praying, mysticism, mystic American city.

small cruise, boat arrival to dock

fast light boats

dock place, storage parking bots

G- Otra bonita fotografia del el ferry visto desde La costa arrivando al puerto |

H- Paquera's Ferry (Boat Arrival ), and Leaving | A small traverse on the pacific ocean, a cruise for travel and fun time | un crucero navegando en el pacifico puntarenas

Un Bote en el Paseo Turista del Lado Barco pequeno para divertirse, pasear en el mar, el golfo | A symbolic figure, waters from back ocean
a small boat for a good time traveling camera shots.

El Estero Back Sea, shrimp matching and procreating place, swamps. sport fishing & ocean working

virgen of coral

white queen

small store business

J- Estatua diosa arrecife de coral frente una reina o virgen maritima del pacifico Paseo de Los Turistas | coral goddess a statue for the ocean queen.

K-Estatua diosa arrecife de coral | Lado la reina blanca de lado |  Side white statue of a queen side left.

l-Calle Principal un establecimiento comercial | Main Road, Streets a commercial shopping place.

city port

la costa

Hacia pueblo por la avenida central | Strait forward near town, central, downtown avenue, the road.

Detras, Estero en el carmen, la costa | City back side, the pacific ocean waters, The coast at the end in the pacific.

It Is Really True, They Told Me! Myths And Legends, When You fail At Sea, She Takes You Out.. She feeds You And Keeps You Safe.