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wild cusuco statue

This image belongs to Helena Costa. It is the representation of an wild animal that in the pass years provided the local ticos with a delicious dishes.
Armadillo, a Wild Crazy Animal With A Hard Shell

These locals actually went the hard way to build one on the front of their place, piece by piece, it looks just like real!

It is not to invite anyone to do so, but it was so much fun to find them in the forest with the dogs, forget about it, because the meat of this animal is not allowed anymore in Montverde, maybe that's the reason why this monument in concrete is located at

Front of a new store and not in a restaurant, already despaired in this area of the country.
Cusuco tico can be seen right from the main street of this colossus city which is full of adventures in nature.
Just in from of a store that people love to have animals in form of statue for deco.
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Dancing centers, supermarkets or food local shopping suppliers, radio stations or TV, best colleges, personal training for self and personal, resorts, airline operators and reservation to travel, banks services, professionals engineers or master builders, social meeting networking and so on.

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Books welcome to the club for " Mostly know as a scientific conservation for students to learn from the forest, the green | Montes con el Bosque Verde. Santa Elena Montverde, this is the Costa Rican cloud forest photos
(bosque de las nubes o bosque nubloso
Means in Spanish ) And is considered one of the best world climates to live In & enjoy the diverse nature.
Below some good recipes and pictures for example about our country traditions and great green nature.
Usted quiere promocionar su negocio de hotelera, restaurante, cabinas, artesanías, tours de viajes, o cualquier otro negocio, hágalo al Contactar
Fruta De Pan

( Meaning the bread tree )
It is an ecological and organic Food, made from a green tall tree along the warm Pacific coasts. M.MM.M delicious!
The "fruta de pan" dishes, a delicate for people of Latin countries, out of a tree fruit recipes.
For everyone who tried to reach information.
To Italians from Italy and Europe countries, USA to all of them to, welcome.
An spectacular video well done.

The wonderful trips across the wild greenest mountains in the pacific heights (outstanding deep green in between the clouds) are An exiting experience that we wouldn't forget ever.

Bring your family, your friends, girlfriend, or any one with you and share this unique thing of your life time.
From this bridges the views are much better and safe for all.

Los viajes fantásticos a través de la zona selvática mas verde del pacifico montañoso en las alturas, son una experiencia inolvidable para toda la vida.
Trae a tu familia, amigos, novia o cualquier otra persona contigo y comparte esta cosa única de toda tu vida. Desde estos puentes y alcantilados pendientes, las vistas son mejores y seguras para todos.

Traveling on bridges, the forest trip walking with family.
A special typical dish, the

e famous gallo pinto ( Or rice and beans rich tropical dish that combines with everything as well of coffee and Coke-Cola or gas drinks)  Served naked in the cooking pan and made with some Onion, Chili Pepper, Lizano Sauce, and a little salt or additional spice too.

Because the fact of location of these forest as the immediate top of the central mountain ranges, they hold a considerable amount of humidity.
And a magnificent ecosystem.

The Cooking Recipes for Rice and Beans Caribbean

"Great family Fabaceae" Caribbean section dishes ( a fine tropical dish that makes them proud called the Rice and Beens):

rice and beans

The famous dish with the name of Rice and Beens to begin a new day!
So the forests Have a greener color and many Diverse animals and fauna species stay and reproduce in these areas more that other locations.

In the cloud forest It is common to see many parasite plants growing on A lot of the trees, and this causes a struggle for sunshine and chlorophyll
A diversity of moss and epiphytes can be observed on trees trunks and branches as well.

It is all green, just like a paradise for life.
Many Wild exotic animals ( monkeys, Slots, Prehensile-Tailed Porcupines, And Many Reptiles, Birds, And Insects ) take advantage of the Plentiful Diverse plants with their colorful flowers and trees By feeding themselves from This abundant source of forever life.

These animals stay within the area of more than a thousand acres and Sometimes spread all over in many cases just to visit the warm weather of Guanacaste or Puntarenas other forests ( known as rainy or dry forests ).
But, they usually return Home to the forest.

If you Have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica you also can enjoy the gulf of Nicoya beaches, views of outstanding sunsets over the pacific ocean, View of the downtown lights at Puntarenas ( A small Peninsula ), Natural History walks, Night Tours, Horseback Riding, Insect and Reptile Exhibitions, Canopy and Sky Walking Tours, and so much more! and the Astounding pacific islands are close by too, such as the historical san Lucas island, Chira island, Venado Islands, and Others.

Of course our city star, are places with much cooler temperatures ( because of the height over the sea level ), so they are comfortable enough to not need use of the air conditioner or A/C, and you will probably need a jacket or something warmer and some waterproof clothing and gear is recommended.

The presence of rain or precipitation is about 4 Cubic meters Annually.

Cilantro and Culantro Spices for Foods

These hard to find plants will grow anywhere with rich soil and water, also known as the ticas flavors

culantro spice plant

The delicious culantro plant is used for almost all
Tico meals such as soups, the Famous world wide Rice and beans
ceviche tropical best dish, Latin seafood salad, the famous Costa Rica Fish Taco

cilantro plant

with Special Culantro Sauce, and many other tasty dishes.
Note: this is a spice totally different from other spices the world have seen, cilantro could be some of those spices which its slightly sharp flavor, but it is mostly known as as Chinese parsley herb and this one should be used as soon as possible.
Instead our star herb (see the left image)  is the most highly pleasant aroma and taste that is becoming more popular worldwide, especially in the U.S., than ever before.
A recognized spice |
Una especia o especie para cocinar sus platos de comidas.

Famous worldwide cloud forest spice for making delicious ever miss something like this, it will take customers souls to dream, once they taste it!, eat it raw or cooked, mix it or blend it with amazing results for your dishes.

sunny mountain

Get to smell the freshness of the real green.

Traveling up hill is possible to observe the landscapes.

high cities

Perfume de la selva en las alturas, selvática costarricense de altura. Algo del verde y hogares localmente

Some Green Landscapes And Homes locally.

The green and wild Forest.
There are many places where you can spend your valuable time with nature on this areas, natural reserves are available and they have guides that will with knowledge and expertise will guide you thru unbelievable landscapes and they will make stops for you to listen at the soundings bird songs, photograph some toucans and exotic insects and amphibians or flowers
The nature kindness is in your hands for you to release you city stress.

The Tipical Machete Tool For Forestry

You still get to see these tools in many locals homes


In the other hand, visitors to the highest lands, will have the perfect location to picture the powerful giant and ecological Arenal volcano and activity.
it is assumed that what causes this low temperatures and the steamed humidity are the arrival of warmed winds and temperatures from the two oceans, ocean pacific and Atlantic ocean, while they condense and cool down, forming several lower clouds and depositing a lot of humidity in the local forest.

Not matter Where you go or travel and stay
You Are Going To see the best Landscapes with green.

We still remember the silver and golden sunset hugging the san Lucas island, just in front of us from these mountains and an young falcon flying for a better shut with our video and picture cameras


Deep in the forests of green land mountains, the nature delights your senses and you start to Intake new Fresh air, For the feeling of renewals In your souls.
In some mayor part the local born citizens don't speak much English language, they speak mostly their native, Spanish.

for the citizens mind kind of no worry that much to see that their towns are constantly changing, because of mayor corporations are arriving to invest in their areas, and many workers are some times moving back and forward in between could weather and the other touristy sites to find jobs in tourism industry.

In our trip, we found out many restaurants, hotels, mountain cabins and other small business as rentals, banks, bread and breakfast lodging, information centers, travel and tour agencies, internet cafes, private sales, beauty salons etc. many international ecological students and local high schools, including a national distance education university.

The Bar Up On The Tree

Place For Socialize and meetings Between Friends

forest land

Visitors can arrive by bus from san Jose Guanacaste, by renting a 4x4 ( some intake roads to our city, containing loose small, medium stones, and mod, which is not recommended for regular vehicles in the rainy season) vehicle anywhere in the country or panama, and driving thru roads and highways.

bar picture

The trip can be after exit from main inter American highway is about two hours.
Some caution is required while driving in the roads and highways, because of the lack of visibility some times or other drivers in the road with alcohol inhering.

The Bus Stop and Buses

Kids play near by the vehicle for transportation "the colorful bus truck"

white rocks

The view of white rocks and dry sands

You will be lucky if after so much traveling, you get to sit at this wonderful bar in the city, while taking a look at the people crossing the roads.

private and public transportation

private and public transportation
The city has a Bar up on a tree, bars and tourism

Latin lady at the counter in a local business. The photographic public or private bus for this city.
Places like this one people come and go constantly, at least the tourist visiting on dry season the most.

One week is calculated the amount of days a couple having a honeymoon as a preference to host in one of the important famous resorts located at the volcano footage landscapes. They take some pictures with their camera, do some video and then move on to the tropics where it is warmer, perhaps to another resort near the beach or so.
That's one of the greatest things that this country has, a variety of options for everyone likes and needs.

It sets the bases on each location to attract tourism and make them spend a week or two, the most 30 days, because as usually money may run out and their regular life and jobs are waiting for them to go back.

A tiny nation that has it all people can ever imagine, friendly citizens offering friendship and willing to assist millions every year arriving thru two major international airports, one is located at the Northern section and the other 15 minutes away from San Jose.

Small Souvenirs Store's Clerk

Selling depends of an aptitude and a lady is the best kind of employee these business have to serve their customers with their purchase

business employee

The Green color bus for passengers to travel cloud forest expeditions.
(An employee woman working in a local business)

the trails

Dame algo de comer, no te olvides que tengo hambre! Una tica empleada trabajando. Una tica en su trabajo. El bus de esta ciudad, todas las fotos.
Children Pictures gallery, infants on vacations

Hiking in Montverde |Escalando la montaña y los trillos selváticos (pasajes)

The trails are everywhere, you just have to find them and have fun, even a child will do the travel with these narrow trails, guarded by a cord so nobody get lost.
After all our doctor is always the one that recommends a lot of exercising or walking on places with best air to breath, for improving our health, remember?.

Los pasajes viajes fantasticos o caminos angostas están por todas partes, solo tienes que encontrar uno que te permita divertirte, aun un niño hace estas caminatas.
Dirigidos por una cuerda o mecate para tener la seguridad de no perderse en estos viajes fantasticos.

Después de todo el doctor nos recomienda mucho ejercicio y caminatas en lugares en donde el aire es mucho mas puro para respirar, para progresar en la buena salud, recuerdas?.

Bienes y Raíces, se vende casa en Puntarenas, se vende casa en esparza, en Heredia, San José, guanacaste, Limón, Jaco, en Alajuela y así están las propiedades a la venta por todas partes.
Algunas tienen la playa tan cerca y otras son de ciudad.
Una guía determinada a visitantes buscando la mejor