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This is the city with the surfing history, and it takes a lot of info in Costa Rica to fulfill the empty spaces for that really concern people worldwide. For now and in a while we make sure of a full collection and the necessary stories. Cases that happened over time in Costa Rica.

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Location of Manuel Antonio national park in a map locally.

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(Top information about Costa Rica from San Jose or Puntarenas or Gunacaste states. Head south over the highway "Costanera" by walking, by a car driving, public transportation taxi or bus, riding a motorcycle or bicycle too and pass Jaco beach till reaching this city of Quepos, once in there, ask the next citizen you get to see.
Better known as " Parque Nacional " and it means in Spanish language originally.
National Park and Reserve.
Surfing History, Sunset, Green Islands.

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Go ahead and see pictures of surfing an nature good camera shuts done by a America nice lady, living at our country
This city has involved too much of the American citizens history at our land
That is a plus for our history, in appreciation of what these emigrants have done to develop our economy and knowledge growth to our people.

The top information about Costa Rica includes news about high mountain coffee plantations and processing factories.

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The beach of Manuel Antonio.

The city history will be stand by until we can get the complete facts about this area of Costa Rica, we apologize and hope soon to have many pictures and stories.

You can check many cities and towns already with a load of information about this countrywide adventures and sites for visitation.
Cities across & America, the Caribbean, pacific coasts.

La historia de Quepos, o la historia tica, en la playa de Quepos y las reservaciones en un buen resort beach barato.

Una historia sin presedente y mucho sol y naturaleza, pero su gente le ha llevado muy alto al aceptar a sus visitantes.

Las fotos y las hisorias deben ser colectadas, por eso pedimos una disculpa sincera y esperamos muy pronto tener todos los detalles necesarios de esta parte del pacifico costarricense.

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