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Special Images Of Costa Rica

The city free collection.
In the Costa Rica picture gallery, we show you how can we talk on searches so short for the country that people get to know in about 2 weeks

la casadora

In Spanish: "La la casadora del Puerto del pacifico" It is so small and full of surprises in a short amount of miles or kilometers, that some even move to live abroad so they will never miss it again, ask them how to travel. They are called the international community or " The Spats abroad ".

As much some like to feel pride and calling attention on how is Costa Rica.
Experts in Puntarenas or San Jose, there is no way in heavens, the people can have this piece of paradise without to pay, and you know what, it costs a lot, the truth.

Please, you still can consider a short trip for travel Costa Rica
Even so, with these small obstacles caused by paper work, airlines and baggage handling, the transportation in Costa Rica is very affordable for everybody

Room rentals, Travel and invest soon.

Hotel and Hotels with nice rooms for rent in Puntarenas.

Check their reviews made by other visitors about transportation in Costa Rica. Time for vacations in the Pacific Coast.
The gallery with best images will clear many questions about how to travel
Best understanding of peoples, women and men, what and how to live at the pacific coast, how to reserve a room, how to learn from the past, picture gallery for free.

Pura VIDA, Pura Vida America

el bus

The ticos ride on the fifties and sixties! Name in Spanish: "El Bus".

Who can tell you better about delicious pictures of this country. We been there.
We got to live there and now we are sharing them.
Office tickets selling Travel Costa Rica has the pics from the tica nation with you, that's why they in this page for every one to learn and consider to visit it some times |

Travel and reserve a room in a beach hotel close of the pacific ocean, take good shots from the tourist sidewalk and tell others that in this city everyone is nice and that they cook good and delicious sea food too.

Hotel rooms with in the budget. The office Travel Costa Rica rent a car and travel driving across the Costanera road.
Visit Guanacaste too, the sand is white and the beaches are very warm.

El Puerto Tico Puntarenense.
Para viajeros de toda la patria, las Americas, y el mundo entero. Llego la hora de conocer la zona del pacifico, la perla bella puntarenense. Esta es la pagina historica conuna forma peculiar de mostrar esta hermosa tierra costarricense y centroamericana.

Las mejores fotos del puerto tico en el Pacifico, ciudad de verdad y con mucho para ofrecer. Quien podria hablar mejor de esta gran ciudad, pais mas que nosotros, nosotros hemos estado en ella, vivimos en ella y hemos puesto las fotos para que todo el mundo la conosca, las compartimos con amor, visitela alguna vez, es bella por dentro y por fuera.

Taking a trip by bus won't be that bad, get to be typical ones.|

El bus para pasajeros de los sesenta

La famosa " casadora del puerto ", un bus muy peculiar para pasajeros de primera, viajes con elegancia en aquellos tiempos ticos.

Who wants to learn on the most oldest vehicle bus, public transportation from 60s, 70s, and 80s.
Rocking on rustic plus antique roads across the pacific cities like Esparza, Barranca, Miramar, el Roble, caldera y el centro de esta ciudad?

lovers at the beach in the evening

train truck 100 antique

Romance de puerto.
Romance in the port.
A couple of lovers at the sunset beach.

Camino Viejo | Old Road, train tracks oldest | 100 years or more of train trucks, train services.

God imaging

people on strike

Sin Palabras y con Suspiros (walking local people)

Sera que Dios nos mira?
Manifestation and strikes | Hope from God.

clouds and sunshine

mountains on islands

Bienes para comprar, propidades y sus duenos, grandes descuentos, ganancias en compra de terreno, fincas, casas, edificios y mas mucho mas


Language French: Le playe du le Romantique ) (Romantically nights | Atardecer romantico )
Sobran las Palabras | Speechless.

El Romantico | The Romantic America's best sunsets
Noche Clasica | Classic Night the sea and mountains with a beautiful sunset CR