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Puntarenas City Photography

With best reviews in Costa Rica

parque central

Gallery of pictures, photo works, images by the Tico photographer. The greatest pictures of America

Truly a Latin American pearl, the city Puntarenas Get to know more below our pages

The good old times when nobody ask about things they didn't know about!

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Of course our pacific pearl is considered by the Costa Ricans as a closer place to go and take a quick vacation while having some fun.
But also for local people it is the place were they make a living from a big amount of visitors every year. teh pictures of America show a great destination for a large vacations

Basically in summer (late November to April ).
All international tourism is welcome to several beaches, restaurants, hotels, and historical buildings around the Province.

The pictures below are just some with in the downtown.

This place is located at 200 meters over sea level in the way the capital. And also you'll find many other interesting cities as well in the departure to the mayor Airports as for example Juan Santa Maria International Airport in Alajuela near by the airlines flights arrivals.

To be with caution wile you travel around our country, just like Italy or any other Country in the world is very important, ask to the air line about Costa Rica country offers, hotel or tourist guide to give you the precise information to avoid mistakes that Might carry you to even lose your pertinences or even your life.
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Destinos en latino America. Las delicias estan por doquier, venir a la playa de Puntarenas y quedarse hasta la madrugada en la fiesta tica puntarenense es una cosa de reyes! Prueve !.
Observar nuestras ciudades latinas de hoy, latino America ayer, a travez de las imagenes que talvez ya habiamos olvidado, lo mejor de lo mejor con amor para los ticos nuestras mejores fotos.

Las mejores fotos de la ciudad puntarenas, disfrutar
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A large photo gallery is waiting for you to discover it!

National videos for places none should ever miss before they retire, travel is one of the biggest placers of life

Historicamente esta ciudad tiene mucho que decir y mientras tanto conseguimos esas leyendas e historias, nosotros daremos un poco de lo que se mira en esta Resplandeciente Perla del Pacifico.
Agradecemos la cooperacion de todas aquellas personas que nos brinden mas informacion historica, fotos del ayer y al anunciarse con nosotros.
Las Galerias con fotos de la ciudad Puntarenas, estudio fotografico del puerto.

Central park in downtown

the beach black sands

Foto de la la playa | The dock photo and long beach

mercado puntarenas

Calles y avenidas cerca del mercado central. La playa y el muelle de puntarenas, Muelle Avenida de Comercio Puntarenas | Central market with streets and roads
The dock and the beach, commerce ave

people costa rica

People Costa Rica, islanders on strike for better local government treatment, homes and jobs improvement


El pasito de la navidad | Traditional "Pasito for Christmas, baby Christ birth"

night moon

Night moon shade over the ocean city

people walk

More people walk with sings and speakers making noise

Manifestacion para la Isla Chira. El Portal Navidad en Costa Rica | People

Catholic Christmas tradition Christmas magic kings and Jesus, time for love.
Real-time Sunset, top of the evening, the moon views | Romanticismo nocturno

stores for shopping

Stores to go shopping for clothes and accessories, groceries, food and ice-cream chocolate, drinks, snacks for kids, for diabetics, cup chicken noodle soup, tomato soup food. Etc

restaurants for dining

beach restaurants for dining and quick snacks with friends or family all together
Small island Chira manifestation tourist sidewalk restaurants dining.
Incredible things occur to tourist when they start discovering wonders

Paseo turistico restaurantes del puerto, las playitas.

train track

The train track, an old metal tracks for car engines of the train transporting visitors and goods many years ago

culture house

The olden house where hundreds if not thousands reunite to dance and have their parties and celebrate special dates
La avenida turistica, una casa vieja usada muchos anos atras para hacer fiestas y celbarciones
La linea hace 100 anos

| 100 years old train track. The tourism house of waiting and communication center
The most older train Tracks, a wile In the past centuries of years

dock port site

the terminal for cruse ships arrival.
A dock port site and international cargo boats merchandise retrievals
The entrance for international sailors to enter the country from the "The cruise boat arrival to the Pacific Pearl", Receiving visitors as cruise boat passengers from Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Mexico, United States, Brazil, England, South Korea, China, Japan, Germany and more

La Perla del pacifico recive miles de viajeros y marineros desde los cuatro puntos de mundo
La terminal portuaria y atracadero de los cruseros con miles de pasajeros desde Estados Unidos, Inglaterra, Alemania, canada, Italia, Francia, Japon, Korea del Sur, China y otros

antique built

Architecture from fifties, "antique built" for an olden office that was on charge of the merchandise retrievals, transportation and workers pay checks every two weeks
The government office called INCOP company

The dock for receiving cruisers or passenger boats today.
The INCOP company, department of Pacific ports soccer team second in the country | El segundo del puerto

Let the game begin, it was all people could hear and the local team for soccer sports was the hero for those golden times.

There were not any Play station or play game boy, neither Ipods, Apple iPad 2 3 generation or cell phones.
But communication could be made as easy as just playing and having fun.

football soccer

Football soccer first town team, times when Europe was ruling the game of soccer and in America, we just copy their styles to play it

Football soccer first stages, at the beginning.

El juego siempre empeso a el tiempo correcto y no habian mucho inconvenientes, pues.
los jugadores famosos cuando el puerto del pacifico se convertian un campion nacional era toda una marabilla y fiesta por todas partes.

Tal como se dijo en el ideoma ingles, el futbol era de corazon y no habian playstations o ipods, nintendos u otros electronicos que distrajeren los aficcionados, o los famosos jugadores estrellas de esta nacion.

beach park

A boost at the beach park, a hero tears and some chairs for locals to go seat and observe the ocean waves, seas coming and going

puntarenas air view

Puntarenas air view, the outstanding first time helicopter photographer photo made from the air of the whole peninsula surrounded by white waters and dark sands

The oldest city views from the sky and by helicopter.
Map from air plane, helicopter

La vista panoramica del pasado | Vista aerea de Puntarenas

We don't work for any travel agency or supply any information to tourists over the phone or e-mail.
So please take in consideration that visiting or moving abroad is by your own will.
Also be aware that to check opinions over the internet is the best practice you can do, and wile there are a lot of good people.

There are also many other aliens inside the country and therefore some opinions over the internet might also not be accurate, so check double about how and where you need to visit and stay or even make an investment.

Furthermore, is important that every body get to know that local Government will not tolerate any abuse against any citizen or visitors inside the territorial C.R, abuse to children and women are very Considerable crimes and will be persecuted by local and international laws.

The information is rich and accurate, find more details online!
Part of this city also it is or represents lots of local traditions and costumes.