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The South, Sport Fishing Chapters

Mountain Hote to stay near the coast to go sport fishing with friends and family.

Look at the animal eyes while understanding life.
La Peninsula De Osa Pacifica

Worlds Best Biodiversity Landscapes, You can't figure it out why God gave Costa Rica the power of nature, but what you can do is to tight your belt and begin the adventure involved with nature and be part of it. The Pacific Ocean Coasts.

Nature has the power to exterminate those that abuse it and the ones that adjust themselves to it will survive longer, it all comes back to us
We are on it and we are part of it, that is Stores

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Where our roots began.

So if some one wants to find their history, go back to nature and care about it with the heart and soul.

Dolphins and whales, exotic large amounts of fish, vegetation, virgin lands, unknown wild animals, amazing reptiles, colorful birds, sounds on the air from singing natural life, wild rivers, blue and white colors on the beaches waters and sands are all ours, but with respect and consideration to preserve and protect.
History and pictures

Ciudad de Puntarenas Pacific Beaches | Gallery Of Pictures

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Many international support associations are trying to preserve the amazing resources from this lands, the Local authorities are in cooperation with those green advocated groups and all Our people is loving it.

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Natural and full of surprises is this great peninsula, and with very well known reputation worldwide because it is a green source of marine life, corals and land wild animal life and rural lives.

Many communities are involved and the local citizens in the meantime are Guarding the green life protection, while they live close to it.

About the history, it will take a small amount of time longer, while we Collect the respective pictures and stories from local older peoples in there.

So we are apologizing for now and please take your time to see also the cities That are with a complete.

One day with enough monetary resources for providing maintenance to "The treasure island" or known legal as Coco Island, Galapagos Island and the triangle of sea life in front the Caribbean nations, the world will secure the life and perhaps humanity will have all species of fish and marine life back.

Protecting the Dolphin Sightings, Snorkelling the Tangalooma Wrecks, Allowing to Watch a Whale, Boomnetting underwater shows with scuba diving experts in the area.
People love a real silver Dolphin Sightings and eco adventures on cruise or small traverse boats.

Information About CR Recourses, The Latin Country

Tierra de conservacion natural, lugar de habitad para la vida salvaje y la union de muchos grupos interesados en la Intervencion con las autoridades en la conservacion de la flora y fauna.

Los ciudadanos locales cuando viven cercanos a la bella naturaleza verde, se dedican a la completa proteccion de la misma.
Por favor ver la informaticion correspondiente a ciudades que hemos terminado en la colecion de fotos y Latest News Online By Country | Otras en Noticias

Del mundo.

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