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Bienvenidos a las arenas calientes y aguas saladas | Welcome to the hot sands and salted waters in South Americas

We are sorry if our information hurts someone's feelings, please feel free to contact us and let us know about it.

The Central Avenue in the city's downtown consists of many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class restaurants and hotels and resorts, bookstores, pizza parlors, souvenir shops, jewelry, shoe, Clothing, electronic, bicycle-Tricycle, tool,  and surf and diving stores
a surfer
Organic food markets, art galleries, Spanish and English schools, Massage parlors, beauty shops, photography studios, and many types of rentals, and much more to offer.

( Photos Right: a man surfer professional, brown skin as a result of working under the sunshine, after high waves are gone)

Honestly, if you want to buy land, do it in Orotina or Esparza, it's cheaper and you still can be visiting Hermosa at any time.

Jaco beach means "la playa de Jaco" and many years ago it consisted of only fishermen in a couple of villages. While their wives and children stayed at home, they went to work.
If you want to arrive at this location or Herradura from the international Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia, you will pass very close to the Tarcoles River
At the Costanera road, also known as " the road of the coast ". take your time to enjoy the natural views of this river that is loaded with huge crocodiles and they can be pictured just from the top of the bridge. make sure you park in the right spot to avoid car accidents or bridge obstructions, as they might be after or before the bridge.
a river
Surfing with the higher waves can also be found. young men and women are usually found at the many surfing board businesses, renting their boards on the main Commerce's street

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We spoke with this gentleman, who told us the waves were too strong today and it is very cool to surf though.
Don't forget to be one of the province visitors and take a look at the great sunsets from there, as they are some of the most loved ones in the world. this picture was taken at the end of the small peninsula Puntarenense, particular at Barrio el Carmen
Or known as " la punta ".

It is very romantic and stress free.
( The image to the left: in a town named "Boca de Barranca and the route to the export port Caldera ) Sweet water delta river travel.
( Image Next Right: special romantic views yellow skies to ocean in a summer evening)
Images By The beach's edge. it is easy to notice that business Development is the World's first class service gives assurance to investors for considering The Pacific Coasts for the possibly number one country in America for their money to produce good earnings and financial profits. representation of many companies can be found at the beachside, and many other coasts from this marvelous country.

hotels in jaco
Side Hotels All Star, Some Are 5 Star, Others 4, 3. Plus Motels Alone For Rental With Discounts, Affordable Prices.

Vacationers spending time, loving Each other.  Happy couple enjoying their travel honeymoon, chosen in this city. beach Costa Rica, a couple on honeymoon.
( Left Images are for: Cabins Condo Condominiums and yes these are hotels on the beach affordable in Costa Rica )

Nice couples in honeymoon & best romantic walks together on romantically Evenings:
( At the next right: Romantic people spending in a Romantic time. a young couple together In a honeymoon vacations )

families and single moms also like life's beach, and they arrive from Quepos, Parrita and San Jose to join | El sol y la playa " time. picture Jaco beach, at the beach family

Were located some local citizens living abroad in the beach, for example, we spoken with an older citizen that told us concerning history
" When I came the city 45 years ago, there were many coco trees or | Palmeras de coco in Spanish language ", the waves were much taller and stronger.

We the local were less than one hundred and lived in mostly palm villagers, and we practice a lot of agriculture and fishing, our day went as normal and quiet, taking care of the pigs farms and exporting to downtown State with a boat " barcasa " that came every eight days and sometimes that boat flipped over because of the waves, man it was so hard. once every four years our villagers went to vote for a new president religiously, as they were good citizens.
( Left image is about:

The mom, mother and her baby girl on vacations, Ticos)
As the conversation with the older man, we asked him if he was happy living in downtown, his answer was " I'm trying to sell my 80 hectares of land right with the mountain view in front downtown, surprise, it is the most beautiful mountain range have ever seen and boy it is so green that it appears in all commercial maps today.

I couldn't buy that farm, so we told him to hold on on it.


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Tambien si tiene una trajeta de credito internacional lo puedes hace y usar probablemente Skipe o algun metodo de envio rapido a tu pais. En vacaciones en la playa en el Pacifico

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The door is completely open, we believe in freedom and democracy, freedom of speech and movement ( TRAVEL ) across the American Continent.

I am from Florida USA and I am trying to learn to surf ". this was a kind lady tourist, when she was asked her opinion about our country & it's beaches, her words were " oh man, It is so hard to be a surfer, I am trying very my best. A surfer American woman, hold the rental surfing board and walks slowly to her hotel room.

All kinds of visitors also can be spotted, nature travel is for everyone | ( Below right: vacationers, a woman taking sunshine at the beach and reading books relaxed )

Vacations and spending time under the sunshine with sunshine blocker for better light burn protection.

The business is growing, As pictured, in comparison To other locations and towns. we think there is a difference of thirty years, locating this one ahead in popularity and the presence of hotel franchisers.  The condo business rentals in south America
hotels and a condo
It Is most likely and very normal for The female tourists and the local Cell phone users to relax and Sunbathe on the beach while testing and receiving text messages. Our Cost of text messaging is a lot cheaper than in the United States.
( to the left side: Photos of hotels, excellent condominiums rentals. Low prices rooms in a condo)

A tourist lady dress a swimming bikini while she is taking sunshine wile reading a book. ( lady reading a book on the beach, laying on the sands, dress a blue bikini set )

There is only people with a lot o money and there is not a chance for us anymore to live not even close. Then right after I saw many of our people, I think that we just have to adjust our budget a little and go to swim over there too.
It Can Be Said our people still are visiting Our own beaches every once in a while. I was told by secret sources that it was so hard to find a person from our land taking a vacation or making a small party at the beach. When the trip to downtown, It Was expected to find mostly tourists from Europe and North America.
women in vacations
Fortunately There Were found many Ticos having the daytime friends and family party,  drinking a delicious national beer and listening at their preferred music with the sands. Condo for rent, excellent condominiums rentals.
When asked If they where They from?, the immediate response was, " we are Costa Ricans " amazed and asked them for permission About A great typical Costarica photo image.

Thank you Costa Rica and keep visiting your own beaches, they are yours by law!
This city is often a hideout for "r un away " tourists who are not what they say they are. They get caught by the Interpol or the Fbi because of their crimes worldwide.
But, still with all of that going on, it continues growing in population and popularity. Sometimes locals hear that in confusion, the colon coin is the 'American dollar'

( Left side, This is a Photo for a Beach Party made by locals, all are Costaricans: locally people having a family party )
The beaches and valleys are beautiful, and is an excellent place to take pictures and to do some meditation. In the mountains are living several Europeans and north Americans. Some just come and go and some hang around doing any kind of business, that's the life over over here. Sometimes young girls from several Latin American and European countries just serve the male tourists. Some of the internet blog makes are known to make their money taking good pictures and also sometimes connecting older males with young girls. Older man can easily get to date a younger woman, not necessarily local citizens, even Russians, Colombians, Mexicans, Panamanians, Dominicans, and a whole world of business companion females around.

people tiquicia
Today, land costs a lot of money. They converted it into a tourist place, and even more, a place for major investors to spend and make a lot of money. No way can anyone purchase property there anymore, unless they are quite wealthy.
women book reader

It is still remembered today how they traveled to downtown Puntarenas in small canoes to sell their products.
honeyymoon couple

After a& while, surfers started to visit the area looking for better waves. They often stayed with these villagers until Book Hotels Rooms
were built.