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City Tour By The Sea

(A boat ) The car that doesn't use fuel to run in Herradura downtown and the beach.

Sport fishing and sport fishing, plus a comfortable hotel Herradura

Pilon antiques

Take the most of the vacation time and locate the best local restaurants in every town you visit, enjoying the sea food ocean fish.
Best ever from the cute and intrepid restaurants at the Pacific beaches, local or international dishes are available.
Why not to look those full of information reviews about Costa Rica hotels and from the best swimming pool resort in town, this one and the others across the whole country resort reviews and opinions

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Close of Jaco Costa Rica hotels, only ten minutes from both places the closer beautiful islands are visible pretty much, this city place applies to the same history.

wooden cart

It means horse shoe, and if we check at the beach, we can see the horse shoe shape designed by the coast and islands looking ocean fish.
Travel can be once in the lifetime, it offers sports everywhere, sport fishing, games, music, fun at the sunny and cute shaped beach with a hotel Herradura, trips and best tours through the whole sea surrounding areas, all inclusive the Nicoya gulf
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Left side:
A tool for cleaning grains in central America |

Picture of a typical cart, they are made usually at Sarchi, another town by Costa Rican artisans located at the Pacific beaches.
" Eco friendly car " typical cart from Costa Rica.

We live and breath for the Sea, told Us a Costa Rican older lady, while she was holding her grand daughter baby.
In our community We eat rice and beans with salads, for a variety times, also fried fish too.

My mother came to live at this small beach paradise almost sixty years ago, When I was twelve years of age, since then I made it locally.
Some times we see the

Flash lights from the volcano Inside at the button of the Pacific ocean, very close of both beaches, our star city and the next neighbor Jaco Beach, we Are adjusted to hear volcanoes sounds and lights.

It Is True, I went many times to Puntarenas and there I found my husband, but now he is not at home, because he died ten years ago at the age of eighty.
When we asked what she thinks about so many building constructions in Herradura beach, she answered:

I'm kind of intimidated by those business people, and by many aliens from everywhere.
But I'm ok because I don't go out that much any ways.

Real estate And the farms with the most possibilities to build, bring your agent, your lawyer, your friends and they will also buy their farm for the vacations and investments, these lands are going sky high, however, the price is low for now, approve it yourself today, the real estate and the queen. The city view for pacific Costa Rican

El pilón tico de limpiar granos

La ciudad continua creciendo es grande en las América.
Increíble lugar del trópico tico, las ticas y gentes del extranjero se maravillan con el bellísimo horizonte de metal precioso al ser iluminado por la estrella madre, el sol y la playa, la chica y la música
Estas son mis tierras latino Americana y ticas. Puedes mirar, ir de pesca, bailar y cantar en las noches, saborear el mejor marisco, los deliciosos platos locales e internacionales en curiosos y atrevidos restaurantes

city views

Las vistas de la ciudad. Una historia por esta ciudad.

La carreta tica del pasado y después de la colonia, auto del transporte del lujo nacional, orgullo de los artesanos locales y ejemplo de que si se puede vivir sin combustible.
La carreta típica costarricense.

Nosotros vivimos y respiramos porque el mar, nos dijo una dama costarricense mayor en edad, cuando al mismo tiempo sostenía entre sus brazos a su nieta pequeña niña bebe, en herradura nosotros también comemos arroz y frijoles con ensaladas y muchas veces pescado frito.

Mi madre vino a vivir a este paraíso de playa, así hace ya sesenta años atrás.

Cuando yo tenia solo doce anos de edad y desde aquel momento yo me quede.

También en variadas ocasiones y repetidas veces nosotros vemos relámpagos del volcán Herradura, que esta sumergido dentro del océano pacifico, cercano a jaco y herradura, pero ya estamos acostumbrados a eso y nos no asustan las luces o los truenos como sonidos de los volcanes.

Es verdad yo fui muchas veces a Puntarenas y fue allá en donde conocí a mi esposo, pero ahora el no esta mas en casa, pues ya murió diez anos atrás.
Le preguntamos que opinaba de todas las construcciones alreedor de Herradura y jaco beach, y su respuesta fue absoluta :

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