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Soccer bare feet or soccer play with soccer shoes. You know it is not funny, people can do both ways and still have a great time playing sports.

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Everyone should know that if the soccer field complies with optimal specifications for kids and adults men and women to play any day time or evening, there will be not an inconvenient.
Wear a nice Adidas or Nike soccer shoes and play, or just stay on wearing socks or simple barefoot or bare feet play.

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For this website's page we collected some local kids pictures to show how it's possible to train over the green grass in at soccer field that have been taken care by United States Government and Costa Rica's Government too.
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Apparently both authorities cooperate in a project science the last visit of Mr. Jon F Kennedy to Latin America in 1963.
We say this because the pictures shows proof of the legend on metal tag ( monument Plaque ) located at the country's town San Juan sports field. Now customers worldwide can place their orders and buy gift cards.
These are some countries and continents from where they can log-in and buy their items:
From Asia Japan and neighbors, From Europe United Kingdom UK and neighbors, plus Italy, France, Spain, Germany and in America, the U.S.A and Canada.

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As we all know the USA did not start playing seriously soccer after the nineties and there on the national soccer leagues started to get organized, so why in the sixties they were interested to making sports projects in other countries? the answer relies on Mr. President John Kennedy and his hands shake of friendship with Latin Americas.

soccer kids

gabriel descalzo

What ever reason, it became a very good acting by both countries and projects like these are those that keep youth on sports and trying their best for a better physical condition and away from other life distractions that society suffers today. Practicing sports is a great way to employ children, also keeping adults receiving physical and mentally therapy as well.

( Right: a small kids soccer team is laying football soccer freely and without sport-shoes)
After all we all are living in the Americas continent and that is what is making us Americans.

The facts can be found years later when in a world cup tournament the younger we allow today to train in sports become major world stars and making an entire country proud of their participating job, competitions tight peoples together without color, language or physical appearances together.
Perhaps the most interesting thing is that when we asked the locals team training about why they weren't wearing shoes for that purpose, their answers were " we have some sport Nike Adidas shoes right with us, but we like the feel of the green grass under our feet, it's better for best ground grab and running to be bare feet."
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( Images left: Kid Gabriel plays barefoot, on toes with his friends.

Jugar con los pies descalzos.

The smaller player let me just take an image for further proof of men and soccer ball on a green ground.
Who knows about these kids of today's training, they could be the stars for tomorrow and when fame arrives from their affords, then it's so difficult to photograph them.
As everyone know it's better to see them liking the sports and going the schools to study for education than another paths that might lead to a "non acceptable" results.

The very point is: yeas there is a strong point of view, " Allow people to enter the soccer fields, but City Halls, first make these places possible by converting dry grounds and ugly abandoned land it's into a nice place for our kids to spend son time having fun playing their preferred sports. With these acts our kids will be more relaxed and possible perform their best at schools.

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Comprar Zapatos Deportivos Para Jugar

Los ninos gustan de practicar deportes, a ellos les encanta participar en entrenamientos de fútbol.
Los pastos verdes son muy frecuentes en escenarios de plazas de fútbol en los pueblos de Las Americas.
Los ninos que hoy permitimos hacer deporte son los héroes deportivos del mañana y quien puede saber, si también serán los jugadores estrellas de fútbol que harán todo un país orgulloso en una copa mundial.

Mantengamos los campos de zonas verdes abiertos para que el publico practique el deporte, alejándose de los malos hábitos y manteniendo una mejor condición física y mental.

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Es importante para los jóvenes el practicar un deporte con facilidad, así tal como lo observamos en estas fotos, para el fútbol no es necesario usar zapatos deportivos o calzado caro, accesorios casi imposible de comprar, en lugar de todo eso, jugar sin zapatos, a pie descalzo " de alto costo" para jugar y estar bien físicamente.

Por lo demás hemos tomado prueba de que Los Estados Unidos de América ha cooperado en el desarrollo de los países de La América latina como uno de ellos es Costa Rica.
" Mirar la placa de metal del ano 1963 en San Juan de esparza. Así que no es necesario compra zapatos para practicar ejercicios físicos y deporte en la comunidades, simplemente hacer educación física a pie descalzo.

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