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Enjoy Watching Costa Rica Cruisers
The movie and TV show preview.
Travel packages deals and the Puntarenas view.

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Get To Know US, We Are A Colonial City Discovery Cities & Towns
It is one of the most antique or older cities in the American continents.
In this case the location happen to be at the Central Sector, Near Panama Pacific Side of the Panama Canal

Normally 2 or 3 two or three cruisers arrive to port and form the Puntarenas view, docking in the way the travel immigration allow it

That is done when local authorities allow them to arrive from the coast at 6:00 six am and leaving about six 6: 00 pm in the evening. This way passengers get to visit real quick the near cities surroundings and make some shopping from local sellers, where they buy pictures, coffee, drinks and why not the crew members also take a small visit to their girlfriends at downtown.
Watch the Puntarenas view at night and daytime, locals are proud to share with the world!

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Terrific is having about eleven or ten hours 11 / 10, for some tourist or crew ship-members, captain assistant engineer and trained staff to travel about 20 minutes by taxi or car to the Miramar's heights "Mounting Hotel German Style " to practice wire sports and watch Costa Rica cruisers

travel cruise

New fashion sport fitness resort, the 11 pillars wire rope course adventures, there is another about 15 fifteen minutes away, near Barranca, highway up hill to San Jose also, near the river. Something like Vancouver sports, Los Angels, the one that originates from Finland or Belgium in Europe.
The different what we talking about, it's a sport by using a stainless steel wire in the warm mountains.
The local weather and greenest forest inside one package.
A 100% tropical, enthusiastic young women and adventurer men like that, something different to do like taking Puntarenas photos with your brand new Sony, Toshiba or canon digital video camera.

Tiendas Disfrute Viendo Los Previews (revistas) de Películas y Programas de televisión Antes de Comprar, quieres visitarla?.

Ella es una de las ciudades mas viejas o antiguas de las América, descúbrela sus playas y exuberantes brisas cautivan los visitantes de Europa o sea el continente Europeo y EU o Canadá.

Después que los visitantes desembarcan acerca de las seis de la mañana en el desembarcadero, se dirigen a visitar las otras ciudades y los hoteles de altura como " Vista Del Golfo y Puntarenas fotos " Estilo Alemán " y allá practican deportes.
Como viajes de altura en cables de acero y con las vistas del los árboles verdes y la espesura del monte o los ríos.

Mas aun hay veces no es tan difícil viajar tan lejos, cerca del río de barranca, carretera arriba hacia la capital, esta otro lugar de cables esperando ser explorados por el turismo nacional e internacional.

Vista desde la Playa En Caldera. | Todo Incluido, Cama En habitaciones, Comida, bar y bebidas, Restaurante, tiendas de compras, Diversiones y Piscinas Privadas A bordo Del trans Atlántico.
Los cruceros de empresas de viajes mundiales | El Lugar de Contenedores Vista del Crucero - viajar en crucero

The travel cruiser companies offer private rooms onboard, amusement bars, swimming private pools for swimming with kids, family or singles and couples, shopping beautiful souvenirs stores, a luxury restaurant, delicious food dishes & cocktails.

Caldera's port all-inclusive cruises, the latest cruiser boat transatlantic travel at ocean sided, docked in Costa Rica.

Normally in the summer when rainy season is practically gone and it doesn't rain for about six month, then these vessels arrive two by two and about an amount of four per week.

Valid for the next five years or even ten years more. As longer tourism is bringing profits and jobs for locals.
They will be welcome abroad.

The majority are senior citizen retired and probable these could be one of their last travel occasions before they settle in one of the South Florida beachfront apartment buildings for their home till their last day.

Well, positively talking, these boats are fully equipped with a five star quality rating restaurant and four bards open for about 15 hours everyday.
There are also several shopping stores loaded with shoes clothing and souvenirs, products with tax except (no pay or free tax paying deals).

Passages can enjoy everyday warm water in the public pool and with their swimming sets on for the adults as they wear two pieces and kids or teens wearing colorful bikini also on their respective pools.


cruise ship

Clear Oceanic Waters
Tour to the Beach
Boat Bridge and Passenger windows.
Caldera's Beach | Isles View the Boat's Bridge Royal Caribbean cruise of a company called Royal Caribbeanship.
Cruseros, Vista de las islas, El Puente del Capitan.

Between some famous Puntarenas photos are:
The bridge is the commander cabin, the place where the captain and his chief engineers are capable to operate and plan their continental trips, trip to Alaska for winter and Icebergs.

The trip to Cancun Mexico and Isla Mujeres, Cozumel island, Acapulco, baggage and carry bags are usually important for all travelers as well, just like in the airplane their airlines are telling their guest to bring two heavy load 100 pounds and a couple small ones for just small items.

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The Boat Capitan's Cabin | Dock's Entrance | Tourist Walk
After they come to the dock at the pacific coast, they just have some fun by traveling in a short time trips by different sites around towns.

There are some people that have decided to make their arrangements to have a honeymoon or even their private wedding abroad Costa Ricans, or some others just stay and buy some land at the cost they can afford and live the rest of their private lives with their families while learning Spanish for better communication.

Frontal y con detalles, Entrada al Puerto, Caminos, La orilla del camino

water channel

lime beach

seven seas

Graficos Mata de Limon Graficos y Puntarenas fotos de la playa Mata de Limon, El Pueblo | Marea baja

Beach American graphics low seas (Photos: sailboat, canvas boat |

Los veleros

sailboat, canvas boat

eagles nest

turn around the green mountain

A nice sailboat docked at near coast, a wind canvas boat in the pacific Costa Rica | sea views of a docked sailboat canvas boats | The turning or turn.
Eagles Nest, ocean sea Turn Mountains

Foto El Nido un velero en la costa pacifica tica. Un Velero Estacionado, de Los Buitres, Aguilas La Vuelta la vuela del mar

black sands, blkue ocean

train station

train machines, wagons cars

Old Train Machine Locomotive, Pictures Abandoned Train Wagons carts l The black sand or grey in CR, the train machine.

Las vistas para mirar: La Cascada de de esta ciudad, las cataratas, rumbo a el poblado, entre San Juan Grande y Barón.

Las arenas negras mar azul. Tren viejo.

Las maquinas y bagones del tren, Fotografia Vieja Maquina del Tren, Los bagones del Tren

Pictures Of Containers For Imported Or Exported Cargo to Costa Rico