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Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica

A few travel tips people should consider when visiting Central American countries, on specific CR.
1- Learn to speak Spanish if you are considering visiting and staying near locals for more than a month
2-Bring more than 5000 dollars if you are willing to eat at 4 star restaurants and staying in resorts with 3 4 and 5 star like The Hilton
3- Major credit cards like Visa Credit card, American Express, Master card and Discovery Card
4- Deposit your money at the bank or the hotel Safe Box and ask for a receipt signed always

5- Bring light cotton skirts, pants, t-shirts hats, socks for hot warm climates and a jacket long sleeves shirts, long dress up dresses for "cooler" could places
6-Never leave money or electronics inside your hotel room, put them in a safe box, always
7 - Buy in your country US or UK a couple of gifts to give to friends
8- in case of applying for residence or citizenship in Costa Rica, make sure to apply in your country for a birth certificate and pay someone professional to translate it to Spanish language, Copies of the pages of the passport on date, updated, personal passport pics, police records updated, and possible good money to invest on a business venture or Real Estate

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Zapatos Joyeria. La Iglesias Catolica, La plaza deportes local, lado derecho de la plaza, pista de carreras.

A very tiny interesting place roadside to the south San Jose capital or to the West road side to Puntarenas downtown. You may choose from there where to Go, Just hit the

That is because only takes fifteen minutes to learn about EL Roble, house and Home of hotel Hilton Corporation.
Also much further the Hospital Monsenor Sanabria at 5 five minutes away.
15 minutes near city port is the Hotel " La Punta" Hotel Porto Bello, " Rooms Hotel Cayuga" and others.


monument recognition

north side

Catholic Church, Right side of soccer field. Monument of date construction. Run for exercise sidewalks, Soccer field

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the streets

the flag

Neighborhoods street.
A person carries the national flag

fire station

The insides, Uphill San Miguel views, fire Station.
a small firemen stations |

. tours


The local tours vehicle Hyundai late models, mini bans, peoples neighbors cars for driving |


Profile for the bicycles|
Main highway Back or rear side.
This one is a mini bus for student transportation or internal tourism trips

Una mini ban para turismo | Tipo de vehiculos, los carros
Vecindario y las calles Banderas vista a San Miguel, La estacion de bomberos del roble. Los Bomberos y Cruz Roja, dentro de la ciudad
Transportation personal, Chico ciclista, una bicicleta personal. Carretera pricipal afueras.
La parte de atras.
El parque, parques de recreos, la plaza de futbol

sport field

public park

The central Park.
Sports soccer field locally, hang around resting parks.

The practice for locals to meet and talk with their friends each time on the afternoon or in the evenings

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The Beach Is Close, Just 7 Minutes Walking on the sidewalks to Caldera's Port or By A Vehicle Rental or Buy just 5 Minutes away.