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Coconuts Town, Road To The Peninsula

A wonderful sea views, local marina business and many sport agencies for setting up fishing chapters and trips to islands in the pacific ocean, close of the coast on boat trips.
You don't need to rent a car el Cocal, just go to the bust station in san Jose( Costa Rican capital ) and buy a trip ticket for a couple of colones, save yourself some money in this short travel. When it is about the Best
We can't let This City to the side ever.

It just at now this place when we say, oh man! we arrived to the beach and the party begins for us. yes It offers that and more, it is like having the pacific ocean right in your hands and you can see it and feel it, adding a small amount of concern about how much can i spend in this personal traveling. Good news, take your time and look much closer, there are hotels, cabins, restaurants bed and breakfast, stores and a whole world of life, just before Down town the city of love.

This history goes much farther Of our Imagination, Alone with the country history too, but if we search in between the older ideas located on the older citizens of this part of America, we will find that answer soon.

I accepted that for many people is some times better to go to downtown, because there is a lot options to choose, but just to be exactly or at least close it is less expensive to rent or buy property than downtown. boats and beaches, including a wonderful view of the San Lucas island is visible from the beach, end beach.

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Very soon about many business, as well of pictures from this city.

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Cuando de De La Playa se habla, No Se Puede dejar Puntarenas de lado jamas.
El Cocal en Costa Rica
Una marabilla escondida entre Puntarenas, el centro y San Jose la capital, en nuestra pequena ciudad se encuentran muchas empresas de marina, navegacion y deportes acuaticos, incluyendo una vista panoramica al estero y los manglares.
Quires Mirar Fotos De Las Fiestas de Independencia Tica, Las ticas Y Los Ticos, chicas y chicos.?
Entre los pueblos de la perla pacifica costarricense, se encuentra el puerto, y con este marabilloso Lugar estan las pequenas ciudades.
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