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The South City's Stories

Now history Writes Itself Again
Once upon of time the citizens where all confused of where it was better to stay and make their living, continue their interesting live.
They kept traveling between two great nations, the big sisters.
One became so important because the peace and stability and the other became the worldwide bridge that connected USA and the world with a canal called Panama Canal.

So the business attracted millions and more millions worldwide, but before they visited the smaller sister and then they asked What the distance between Costa Rica and panama New York, Orlando Florida Brazil Belize city?
The answer always be the same, who knows.
Look at it in the web.
Travel to the city from the south in America, just a small tour on a bus or a rental car.
Believe it or not this is the best of our cities closer to the neighbor on the south, the passages to Panamanian borders can reached from this locality and the best hotels are around our recommended city.

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On the past years many of the most relevant meetings from local authorities where hold on ciudad Neily, times when the Spaniards where present and their crown still on power too. but for now we will stand by for a while until getting the respective information on a clear stage, plus pictures from there.
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Un paseo por la ciudad del Sur en Costa Rica

Las gentes se marchan y los pueblos con antiguas tradiciones legendarias quedan y prevalecen.
Mucho antes de que algunas otras ciudades de nuestro pais existieran, esta ya estab y fue usada para las reuniones de los mas altos rangos en el pasado colonial de America.
Pero es preferible no adentrar en detalles sin mas antes tener una cantidad de fotos disponibles, para que asi se pueda explicar mejor acerca de nuestra recomendada para descansar cuando viajes estan hechos hacia el sur de nuestra patria. se necesita toda una ventana al pasado y por eso dejamos la historia en stand by, por ahora, pero pronto la informacion estara disponibler para tantas gentes del mundo que gustan de nuestra popularidad acerca de este pais centroamericano.
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