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His Dedication to children in distress from Costa Rica.

The Picture gallery For the best chosen solid America's Candidate In Costa Rica's history ever.

When we were traveling by the city of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, we had noticed that talking about this town was not complete if we didn't talk about Barrio El Carmen and Fray Casiano de Madrid.

All because just this place we find a true story about a Real Saint-Man, who came from Spain and loved for some many that we can't count anymore.

Founder an Order and contributed to develop the building for Virgin El Carmen's ( church), know as the Puntarenas's Queen in an pure Image, images.

He was born in Spain on a November 20 of 1892.
On his job was to visit many Costa Rican's houses and business in order to ask for a small amount of food, whether it was food or money, so his children could survive and get educated under his order and rescue the youth almost lost.

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His steps are the finger prints of a true God's Son, and that's why his history and his Images in this page.
Proudly we recognize his effort and dedication in our life to this excellent man.

Some achievements are the foundation of Fray-Casiano Order Homes across the whole country. And to serve the needed and distress children and also he initiated the projects construction before he died, located and with the doors open today for the general public to assist the Mass.

pray places

The Body and his loved Mother Remaining are located at the front of the church, just in the main patio of this Church, that also it is located at the end of Barrio in the State.

We felt a lot of interior peace wile we did the visited that Saint at The Virgin el Carmen's church, and we got surprised when we knew that The fray was there too.

When He put his eyes in saving so many children from the streets without any hopes in Costa Rica and with God's blessings, He did the best of them, until this children got to be a professional and got married with a secure family.

Also we got to know that one of his loved and educated children was my personal music teacher in high school, He was Mr. Jesus Watson, a really famous worldwide known musician and director ( Founder of The Esparza Musical Academy ).

His hundreds of children's loved him so much, that they decided to paint and give for him their beautiful art, they obeyed him with respect on the dot.

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The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium (Publication / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

objetos religiosos altar

wood doors


Pulpito al aire

| He's Outside Altar, Place For Mass Many Times

Pertenencias de uso personales, el fue carpintero.

| Objects or Pertinences And Mass Tools, he was a carpenter

Las Puertas Talladas en Madera | las puertas de la iglesia, son de madera fina

| Church's Wooden Front Doors an specific finest solid front wooden doors.

Painting The Fray

childrens play with the priest

Resting or Place of Rest Grave Site Memorial, Rest Place

Su Hermano dibujo su retrato, la foto del Fray

| The Picture Made By His Brother, The paint made by his brother, the priest


El lugar de su morada, sus hijos le pintaron sus sentires, La Medalla Que Siempre Llevo en el Rosario Santo Fray, una medalla única

| His Children did Paint Their feelings of Love. A place where this important men is resting in peace.

3- ( ver Arriba esta pagina de web ) La naturaleza le sonríe una flor roja. Un regalo para La Virgen del mar

| The Nature's Smile For Him. A red flower, (see above this page.)

Christian Group Asis, The order

medal - medalla |

Fray y la Hermandad de la Orden de Asis, los curas de la orden

| Fraternity Group Of The Asis Order Group, many priests in a group.

La Medalla Que Siempre Llevo en el Rosario Santo Fray, una medalla única

| Fray's Chain's Medal, He Always carried on His Chest, an unique medal used by a fray.

wall picture

Su Foto en la pared

| At a wall, Mr. Madrid Photographs.

carmen church

american churches

(Mary Virgin and virgin island |

Maria virjen Guadalupe y Altagracia, la virgen del Carmen)
A- Detrás del edificio, la iglesia de la virgen del mar

- Mary Virgin, the sea virgin island church, Behind.

virgen carmen - Mary Virgin

La capilla

| The church's front door near the Pacific Ocean. Same Guadalupe and Altagracia in Mexico.

Mary Virgin Maria in Barcelona Spain Country.
This story is about someone special and with an unique id (The man who spent his younger years with the vote to dedication to children).

Conocida como la de los milagros, La santa virgen del Carmen (Mar ).

| The Saint image virgin of the sea miracle maker

big tree

El Árbol Mas Grande y Viejo En La perla Pacifica, un árbol grande con cien anos

A huge tree with 100 years, Oldest Trees In The Pacific Pearl.

We are not Surprised To Think That so many times the loved man did take a sit under this tree's shade, while he was reading the Saint Bible to his children sons and daughters. Mythic, mysticism

La costa de niños y la leyenda del bien, dedicación hacia los niños de América en desamparo.
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En nuestro recorrido por la ciudad de Puntarenas, nos dimos cuenta de que no se puede hablar de este lugar sino se hablaba de El Carmen, pues solo en este lugar se encuentra la mas grande historia verdadera de un Santo hombre venido de España y amado por tantos que ya no se pueden contar.

Fundador de la Orden de Fray-Casiano y de la capilla con el mismo nombre o casa de la Virgen Del-Carmen y Reina del mar, también, en donde encontramos la Virgen en el pueblo en una imagen pura.

Nació un 20 Noviembre de 1892 en España, recorrió las calles y avenidas del país para solicitar ayuda ya fuera monetaria o provisiones de comida, con el fin de rescatar la juventud necesitada del país.

Sus huellas son las de un verdadero Hijo de Dios y por eso su historia e imágenes mostradas, que con orgullo le damos reconocimiento a este buen samaritano.

Fundo la orden de los hogares con su mismo nombre e Inicio el proyecto y construcción de la capilla donde yace la estatua de La-Virgen que se encuentra en la Punta del puerto

Sus restos y los de su querida madre yacen en ese mismo lugar.
Sentimos mucha paz interior cuando se nos permitió ingresar en el lugar y miramos que también es el mismo lugar donde mora hombre bondadoso con características singulares e insuperables.

Santo porque el simple hecho de haber puesto sus ojos y su alma en salvar de las calles a muchos niños que no tenían ninguna esperanza de realizarse en sus vidas.

También logramos averiguar que muchos de sus hijos adoptivos hoy día son profesionales y formaron una familia, además logramos saber que mi profesor de secundaria en música, fue uno de sus hijos amado, el fue El Sr. Jesús Watson, un Músico y Compositor famoso y fundador de la academia musical en Esparza.

Sus cientos de hijos le amaron tanto que con pinceles le dedicaron bellas pinturas y le obedecieron al pie de la letra.

Para El todo nuestro respeto y admiración y tus obras continúen por mucho tiempo mas como ejemplo de que no toma mucho el hacer el bien.

A continuación algunas de las mas sobresalientes para esta humilde historia tica, las imagenes tomadas por una cámara Canon de alto alcance fotográfico.