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Welcome to Buenos Aires
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The locals are smart, in the higher lands, the people living on place like this with a lot of breeze and fresh morning air have a higher chance to live a longer life, in addition to all of these benefits

We must also make a small statement about living without stress and worries, something that it is so hard to find now these days in bigger cities of the world.

The story says that some places carry their names After their qualities, this town and city has very good positive natural airs flowing thru.
Why there will be always some one with the best knowledge about history in every town, city and country.

Relatively to find the people and let them tell us about themselves, who was the first one that came alone, established in the meddle of a valley, did agriculture and grew some pics, cows and teacher every person how to behave and talk.

That main person, if still alive deserts a moment to deliver all those knowledge's that the world will appreciate.
And the oldest pictures, lets rescue them
They are still important. The people want to preserve them for future generations to know too.
We are sure there is a way, but while that happens and we carry all for the information, it will take some time. For now lets check at the information on the other WebPages already finished.

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Solo como en Argentina Sud America, Los lugares dicen que llevan el nombre de sus cualidades. Esta ciudad tiene una, Muy buenos vientos y aires de libertad y natura pura vida. Las mas bellas praderas, rios y montanas, Haciendas, casas y edificios se encuentran por toda Buenos Aires de Puntarenas, el puerto del pacifico.
Una gran manera de contar sus historietas para sus gentes que asisten a sus iglesias y gran todos los domingos, trabajasn la semana y celebran en los fines de semana.
Cuando nos tomamos el tiempo en la historia y conseguimos mas informacion de estas famosas tierras ticas, les dejamos con algunas informaciones ya terminadas y que en casos muy extraordinarios demandan ser vistas con gran interes.

Monteverde y Santa Elena Rain Forest

La Santa Elena del paraiso de Monteverde por unos instantes en nuestras mentes.

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For a few moments imagine a higher lands and freshness, yap it is really a cute place, and the people are very friendly and nice
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Propiedades en venta por el mismo dueno.

Wild Pacific

Barrio el Carmen in Puntarenas

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