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Tropical Weather with Partial Rain

It rains a lot in the Atlantic area. Habitants 2010: Approximately 40,000 with an increase of 1000 more per year.

Rivers found in this area are Rio Reventazon or Parismina, Tortuguero ( Turtles reservation ) and Chirripo.

homes for sale and rent

In the Parismina River there is a dock and entrance to Tortuguero canals, so you can enjoy from the river.

Button line there are nice places available for investors and visitors to joining Costa Rican Nature in this are.

24 to 25 Degrees Temperatures in Celsius. You can find many properties for sale around this area with natural forest including walking paths through verdant flora and fauna. More international Organizations are investing their time and support to Costa Rican natural resources.

Horse & great pictures, images from peoples, men and women riding horses in the capital, the parade.

Costa Rican forest and rivers are the key of conserving the wild life in the planet

The local government support for the Atlantic area is a reality and chances of development and environmental is a fact, more jobs and more habitants will move to Guacimo en Limon by the next years.

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