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City Limits, Atlantic Zone Area

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Watching these videos you could perfectly feel the experience of the locals when they celebrate their dates and traditions, customes etc.

The areas surroundings the Atlantic coasts of this country are more humid and rainy all times.

The local swamps are a living home with the natures complete life chains, alligators, birds, frogs, fish, yellow pit viper snakes, cryptic bird, Sunbitterns, dart frogs and more animals with camouflage.

Who will tell that even before the US and Europeans even thought that they could dress their soldiers with clothes that confuse the enemies on a battle fields

These animals already were dressed by nature with camouflage clothing made with skin and feathers to get away from their enemies.

A fact for survival in the swamps is to stay updated with the latest nature's technology, isn't well camouflaged.?

If you want to watch a video of a man wrestling a crocodile in the water and with a lot of expectations, then heat to the business webpage to do so
If not just stay in our historical information.

Nos Complace El Contribuir Con El Desarrollo De La Comunidad VIDEOS | The Caps Videos 1 2 3 4 5 Channel

Nature and peoples, Combination for forest, tourism and business at the Atlantic Zone Adventure.

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Soon we will have many pictures and stories from local neighbors.

Watch video ox party in the Caribbean adventure farm, a grand view for states.
Like a national and animal respectful ritual in where after seen the sampler

There no animal ever hurt and so it is eventually returned to the open land to be happy.

In this particular case the farm or " Hacienda", which actually means "Big Villa" or big Ranch, it is holding the show in a private public way.

There a is a fee to go inside and check or watching the show
however many young or adult people take a ride on top of the wild OX for a compete or competition award of money amount if based on the job is considered a winner the cowboy.

Also hundreds come in to be aggravating to certain point to the animal with clothing or making noise to attract it's attending and attacking.

The story of the city organization for community was recognized and founded at the year 19 de September 1911 under the government of Mr. Ricardo Jimenez Oreamuno ex-president.

About this city and The history, we are taking some time more to achieve the goal of the right information

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Siquires, ciudad de Costa Rica en la selva con plantas verdes y animales salvajes conviviendo con los humanos, pais de la naturaleza en America.

Historia de la ciudad Siquirres limon ( lime city ) en Limon lleva un poco de espera, estamos trabajando bastante cn frecuencia y esperamos tenerla muy pronto para el Mundo pronto.

Pedimos disculpas, pueden visitar ciudades Costarricenses ya con informacion.Turismo Limon y las corridas de toros salvajes de Siquirres En un ritual que se da por todo el pais, estas corridas atran miles de fanaticos.

Algunas personas jovenes y adultas se ingresan dentro del redondel o el territorio del toro.

El que desde un principio es montado por un montador profesional o pricipiante y aventurero en publico, siempre respetando la peligrocidad del animal vs hombre.

Fiestas de toros costarricenses en una Hacienda privada como negocio, pues se cobra la admision por persona que ingrese al mirar el espectaculo.

Saludos a los profesores y los estudiantes del nuevo Colegio Tecnico Profesional, buena suerte