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The wild Atlantic flora and fauna, nice people beautiful places to arrive.

Rio frio Costa Rica la tica bella, el pais de la naturaleza variada y verde en america.
Una tierra de dios y la virgen.

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Everyday local people keep writing newer stories, as they get created by ongoing experiences. We want to deliver the greenest connection message, we understand the rain and the wind inside the forest because we were born in this small planet called wild green.

When a visitor traveler goes to Paris France to see the Eiffel Tower and getting near of the process that Europe took to be where it stands today
It is great, but the greatest is to challenge the human senses and introduce your mind into nature, produce and contribute to preserve what we call " the greatest world legacy" our natural forest.
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Once upon of time there was a story about a city and the river, looking at this story is easy to realize that this is not necessarily the same of this one. But it has the same name and it is also a warm place rather than cold. Just only when we travel and discover their potential to offer to their visitors
It is when discovering peoples foods, customs and ways of living, is when finally we have a clear idea about the facts.
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Las historias de las ciudades en Costa Rica nacen de las mentes en los Costa Ricenses y mueren con el tiempo si nosotros nos olvidamos en matener las pruevas y fotos de ellas, por eso mientras encontramos mas acerca de Rio Frio de Limon, nosotros pedimos muchas disculpas y le invitamos a conocer ciudades que ya tenemos con dicha informacion de nuestros contribuyentes.
Una rosa rosada, sus pichones

Ba el Carmen and the pictures " Virgin del Carmen " Beautiful budding roses or rose buds picture, born just in time for green season.
The buds from roses, the rose colors | . Ocean Virgin | La Virgen Del Mar

We are working to find the history and the Costa Rican traditions, the typical side of this wonderful country, for America and the world, while we do our job, please check these cities with information already.
Photo of the green heart of nature leaf, a natural design.

A green leaf from a plant with a form of Costa Rica | Un Corazon verde