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Brazilian and Jamaican Flavors, International parties, Public events and Local celebration Party

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El Maravilloso Bebe

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Proximally at twelve noon and at six in the evening for the typical Costa Rica tables to be served, but at the most restaurants across the nation are open all day long and with small tiny business, called " Sodas " the food is a variety easy recipes at all places

Of course peoples need to learning cooking like locals by visiting them some time. They know to cook rice and beans with coconut cream, and it tastes so good, great for all Costa Rica and famous recipes food dishes.

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La meza se tiende por toda la nacion a las doce del medio dia y a las seis de la tarde aproximadamente.

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Well, we have great news for you!!! Limon is located on the eastern ( Atlantic or Caribbean ) countryside and is a 'one of a kind' destination. You can observe some of Costa Rica's most exotic animals and the Atlantic side has some of the very best surfing destinations. You will find the reproducing sea turtles species, and special birds such as the white-winged guan ( penolope alpipennis ) and toucans, several monkey species, and many others.
Years ago the habitants were mainly afro - Caribbean, who came from Jamaica and Africa.

Now things are changing because a lot of Europeans and U.S. Atlantic ocean islands citizens have relocated to this area.
The major country's export port also is used to receive a considerable amount of tourism from cruise ships

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Why are we asking you to take a break from stress of the job and travel to Costa Rica and in the way of planning the trip to find inside our travel hotels directories a cheap hotel?
Offer tours and trips to discover sea turtles watch is a great attraction!

Well it is common for locals to ask visitors to come back sometimes or to just spread the word of visiting their parties, they love to share with the entire world their customs.

It happens that this place offers the biggest carnival ( lime parade) or " carnaval of Limon in Spanish language" at the time of that celebration many peoples will be there for almost a week joining the party.

Many of the people in the area speak English and there are many professionals working in the area.
Do not be surprised if you find some limonene in the USA, particularly in new jersey and new York.

The people from Limon are also very friendly (pura vida!).
The city doesn't have an extra name, but the most needed province for tourists to visit, tropical and very warm weather.

The international visitors will be pleasantly amazed by the many available attractions such as zip lining on the wire or wires between wild green mountains and tough rivers, the water rafting sports, the incredible flora and fauna.

Limon is described and reported by colonial explorers for the natural American contents on the king's original handwritten documents.

It is the land with the wildest pirates and hidden treasures ashore, increasing transactions between new lands and the older continents and target eyed by worldwide companies and investors. Favored for the many new developments, protected animal reservations, the unique style and culture, and the constant wet slow rains

Today the community became a mixture for afro ( dark-skinned) people from Jamaica) and Latin white, plus Mulatus Mix ( brown skin Latin ). A terrific paradise!

Limon es un destino turistico muy especial y con privilegios, en donde se pueden observar las tortugas marinas reproduciendose, pajaros especiales y exoticos que solo se ven en este lugar como lo son tucanes, Penelope albipennis , en limewire se encuentran  muchas clases de monos, y otros animales.
Años atras la mayoria de habitantes eran mas que nada de la raza negra que vinieron desde Jamaica y Africa.

Ahora las cosas cambiaron, pues se encuentran ciudadanos de Europa, y Estados Unidos viviendo n esta provincia.
Tambien la ciudad ( lime ) posee el puerto de exportacion mas grande, que es el punto de recibimiento de los turistas que desembarcan desde los cruceros del caribe.
Se lleva a cabo una vez por año el grandioso carnaval de limonense y es entonces cuando muchas personas de las otras provincias del paisse unen a la fiesta que dura una semana.

La mayoria de los limonenses hablan ingles hay muchos profesionales que trabajan dentro de esa provincia, pero tambien otros trabajan en las otras provincias de pais. No te sorprendas si te encuentras con limonenses viviendo en estados unidos, mayormente en nueva jersey y Nueva York NCY. La gente de limon son muy amigables ( pura vida ).

Brazilian Carnival Dates

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I really enjoy this wonderful photo of the kid with the "platanos". In reality it is a 'hungry killer", and in this country it really means a lot to the citizen locals. Delicious dishes can be made from them and we have grown to love these "cuadrados" or frames)...this photo has touched a Costa Rican's heart with this splendid photo! Many families were raised eating these, sometimes IT is all they even had at certain times.

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We did learn to be accustomed with Plantains ("platanas" ), and others such as some root from plants as Yucca and Tiquisque...now they are all considered "treats".
No matter what, we do have a lot of reasons for thanking God about survival.
Several delicious dishes that have come to be from "platanos"are " "Ceviche" ". This is prepared by boiling the short "platano" (or "Cuadrados") or those of the picture above by cutting into small squares and applying some spices such as Costa Rican "Culantro", red or green peppers, and freshly-squeezed lime, and salt to taste.

You will need to let the juice and white fish or shellfish to fermentation for one or two days in refrigeration and when fully fermented, it is "cooked".
Then combine with the vegetables and spices.
Another typical Costa Rican dish will be a scrumptious beef or chicken soup, some Local spices, other veggies... M m m good! Oh, they can also be sliced and then fried with butter/oil.

But, please don't think that in Costa Rica we live only on plantains, rice and beans, and our amazing coffee.
Presenting part of the south American party in the land of the Amarelle.
Carnival Brazil Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for the record. The Samba Performance
On so many cases are not known to the world, At all! We have many tremendously delicious dishes in and only when you live or visit between us, will you discover what we eat, then to share with The World. And so many various exotic tropical fruits too!

Oh, some people in Limon make their beans a special way by cooking it in coconut milk, interesting huh? Other examples of popular Limon dishes are " Randon " (variety of vegetables cooked in chicken, beef, fish, or turtle meat ), "Sancocho" (with Yucca, tomatoes, potatoes, and choice of meat), Bread Fruit, Dokon, Johnny Cake (coconut bread ), "Agua de Sapo" (water with ginger, lime, and brown sugar drink ), Turtle Meat Soup, Beef Tripe
A Variety of Fish Dishes, and Others Too. The food and culture of Limon is so diverse because it has many cultures such as Afro-Costa Rican, the Bribri and Cabecar, Italian, Asian, Central American, North American, and others.