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limon's beach

The area of the Atlantic zone is nothing equal to compare with it.
The Spaniards written in their older books about the beauty presented in this humid area in the Central Americas.

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Costa Rican history American treasures advisor to share worldwide
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The history of this particular state of Costa Rica really has a lot to talk about
Beginning with the Spaniards, natives, and color slaves that in times of the colony they brought from Africa and other places as Jamaica.

Find Costa Rican and South America information with us, the people, their customs, traditions, pictures, South America destinations, south hospitality plus best foods.
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These slaves and natives were suffering the humiliation, brutality and abuse from this colonials in those times of colonization of the continent.
Buildings and railroads were part of the work of this black and natives.

la playa de limon

The difference with the history of USA and this city can be in between, at USA there was a war for freedom and this province did not have any, but we can not keep talking about cruelty anymore.

Lets get over that and lets talk about the arrival of pirates of the Caribbean sea better.

There were a lot of them and we believe that Morgan was of course one of them at the time wire line.

In those times when the Atlantic coast was the port of extracting gold and coffee from this country,
These bandits came across and stole many times the goods from the Spaniards and other local citizens.
Although there is not much that the historians talk about, there was a lot of inconveniences over there in those times.

Babe we're goanna love tonight | La historia de esta provincia realmente tiene mucho de que hablar, empezando con los espanoles, nativos o indios aborigenas, los de la raza de color traidos del africa y otros paises como por ejemplo jamaica esclavos en tiempos de la colonia.

Estos esclavos sufrieron la humillacion, brutalidad y abuso de la parte de los colonizadores en tiempos de la colonizacion en el continente entero.
La construccion de edificios religiosos y los ferrocarriles fueron parte del trabajo forzado a que se les obligo, a estos nativos y de la raza negra.

Como diferencia entre los estados de norte America y el atlantico, es que alla se lucho por la libertad y en limon no hubo ninguna razon.

Pero no vamos a hablar mas de crueldades y nos olvidaremos de esa tristeza, hablando solo en parte de la llegada de piratas desde el atlantico o provincia del caribe.

Hubieron muchos de ellos, creyendo nosotros por supuesto que el pirata morgan fue uno de ellos.

Se cree que los bandidos piratas vinieron a travez de la zona atlantica, tomamban los tesoros ticos.

Aun asi que los historiadores no ayudan mucho con dicha informacion, habian muchos inconvenientes por alla en aquellos tiempos.
Muschos mas europeos arribaron por el puerto limonense y se erradicaron en toda centroamerica
Incluyendo tiempo despues el filibustero y presidente de nicaragua en los anos 1854 y 1856, y fusilado en honduras por los ingleses, el fue Willian Walker desde los Estados Unidos ( The States) norte Americanos.

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More and more Europeans came thru the port of departure to central America
Including many boats from USA in the times when William Walker, president of Nicaragua ( Dictator ) and killed in Honduras time after, by the English in the years of 1854 to 1856, who did his trips to Nicaragua and this lands.

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