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City Culture and Society, Parks Recreation

Community Parks El Bosque de la Hoja, green site to visit with the entire family and get closer to nature right inside the city.

Attractions public access are located in Canton de San Rafael, el Monte de la Cruz, El Castillo in El Bosque de la Hoja.

Carrying the camera and catching capturing images from lands across this country is for sure one of the most exciting experiences that a regular visitor can ever imagine.
This is something we also love to do.

The Costa Ricans also go everywhere with their families taking pictures and making videos with cell phones and digital cameras.

This is not surprising, because the majority don't really know all of their country and there is a lot to discover in a very tight and small territory.

Amazing spots with very crazy and rare, extraordinary nature.
Tell me some about this town in America
And I tell you what means Saint Barbara!

I guess it means a saint female lady
But it means much more than that
It belongs to the colonial times, from Spain.

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What else can explain better, much nicer than a video made in the exact place.

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Images included for easy city understanding before traveling abroad.

Contando los dias y minutes que lleva conocer un pueblo una ciudad
Viajar con los sentidos posibles de ser humano que se toma la libertad de llevar consigo una camara fotografica para adquirir las imagenes de los edificios, monumentos, vistas de la naturaleza alreedor de un lugar imponente con volcanes y llanuras.

El video es una imagen clara de como esperar este lugar, asi que a mirar y disfrutar el buen trabajo

Porsupuesto Santa Barbara tiene historia y nuestro trabajo sera ir hasta alla y encontrarla
Pero buscaremos toda la ayuda posible de todos los vecinos, porque sin ellos esas historias no tendran sentido.

Por eso bella Santa Barbara, esperenos que pronto llegaremos y probablemente muchos no sabran quienes somos
Pero esta bien porque nosotros llevaremos esas buenas nocticias a todo el mundo muy pronto.
La ciudad costarricense de la colonia.

Ya terminadas en historias y fotos.

Of course Santa Barbara of Heredia has it's own stories and that's is our job to find them

But with all the help of Santa Barbara's citizens as much as possible
Because without their help those stories will not have much sense.
For that beautiful Santa Barbara, wait for us and soon probably lot of you notice our presence

But it's ok, because we will display your name worldwide big time.