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Please enjoy the pictures, birds, and nicest sunsets at the end of the day.
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Tamarindo beach is the living example of how a small town can get ahead in a world where things are not easy at all, of course so many nice and interesting sites to visit, but this town and city at the same time is the exception of a one in the life time city.

It has de development of a big country and the people continues been just the same, nice.
The name is not clear jet and why it means the name of a fruit that it is used to make a natural delicious drink, or even an alcoholic beverage too.

How ever this might not be the case of this Guanacastecas city and most know as the beach of La Pampa Guanacasteca ", so please allow us to find out soon and we will get the right information from the elderly, who really know the truth. For now go ahead and visit the WebPages that are ready because they are complete

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Guanacaste's sun setting

birds sunset


Have some music and mp3 songs to listen when reading about these treasures of nature and adventures on the planet earth, music for all and ears to refine. Music is pronounce " moosika " Musica in Spanish language and musician " moosiko " Musico.

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Over there are some videos of mariachi for pleasure and entertaining, our courtesy.

Evening with sunshine set at the pacific coast of C R and The beach and the sunset at the evening
Tierra romantica y sincera, lugar de los amores y fantasia de Colon en sus mas variados viajes a la Pampa Guanacasteca.

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sunset costa rica

fire sunsets

These set of great colorful images were taken by an affectionate visitor "tourism" who taken his vacations for fifteen days and nights at the near downtown hotel with the same name than the city.

It is normal, some tourism arrive for staying under sunshine and read a nice novel book, while others are taking nature tours and going for sport fishing scuba diving, wind surf, ocean waves surfing, night life dining and dancing, real time boating at rivers and ocean, horse riding, bird watching, and many more tours
Understand that when an investor buys a home with a price over $250,000 price qualifies for a citizenship and his or hers family also do.
On fact buying land in this country is considered one of the most smart American investments in the world, the Caribbean and central Americas countries are in the price rise as far of Real Estate investing concerns.

When someone moves to live in, the biggest concerns are prices or the cost of living abroad, we tell you that if you have an income over $100.000 a year, there nothing that you can worry about it. How ever if you want to make a living inside this country

You must have money to invest smart and make your own income, because the jobs market is restricted by local authorities and only citizens are allowed to work for companies or offices.

Another concern could be where to send the kids to study.

No matter what, you will find hundreds of bilingual school throughout the entire nation and their cost is very affordable for kids learning to communicate and finish high school or college classes courses.