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Surfing Boards to remind the young adventurers that there are big small and medium ocean waves to practice the fun sports everyday as longer the weather is ok with it.
Sport Fishing for people that really love fishing with friends and family, they just need to be prepared for mosquitoes bites and forest bugs spray like off and others

Scuba Diving is a little more sophisticated for divers with the heart in the ocean deeps, finding corals and colorful ocean life to observe, plenty of fish packages tours, diving chapters class one one and two for experienced divers. Find gift shops for men and women to buy accessories, major dive brands to buy from mask straps, clips, lanyards, order online underwater slates, cheap price reels, buoys, smb.
Expeditions and conservation, free education research

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Potreros beach history Place for the kings, sun and sea alone the landscapes and sunsets of the estate of Guanacaste

For the remaining stories.
There is going to be a while when we can collect the respective information. Till now we have some small information, where mostly is about fishermen villagers, who times ago started coming to live at this pacific coast At the eyes of many beach lovers

it is a wonderful outstanding place for sport fishing, surfing and hanging around on vacations or just a short visit. for the local villagers and business people the city is a totally component of a ongoing life.

They know that the place will pickup in popularity and the property will go sky high on the prices.

Some hotels, motels, cabins, condominiums, pensions, or just some rooms for rent can be found also.

Cantinas and American style bars too.
And the past of the town is going much further every day, until we go and rescue it from the oldest citizens and display it for you to read.

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The history and stories are packed on golden minds and thy get told with a Latin American style. Take care about yours, so some day you are your families will tell them to us and we make them appear at our gold site.

La historia de playa potreros.
Toda una costa y pampa para deleitarse con el sol y las olas del mar, mirar la naturaleza y las islas ern el golfo de Nicoya.vista al golfo desde la playa en Guanacaste Costa Rica. Pedimos grandes disculpas, y muy pronto tendremos todas esas hisorias que ustedes gustan de leer. Por favor visite nuestras paginas.
E internacionals o quizas las paginas en ingles de informacion para que desde alli se dirijan a las informacions ya terminadas.
Una playa muy al estilo de La Pampa, sus habitantes son hombres y mujeres con una familia normal en cuanto a la vida cotidiana  se refiere. Es marabillosa y un lugar esplendido paa descansas y saborear el clima tropical del pacifico
Las Historias vienen en mentes de oro costarricense y se cuentan con estilo latinoamericano, guarde la suya para que algun dia aparaesca en nuestras paginas de solidamerica.

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