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Tropical Destinations In The Pacific

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The birds Pelicans feeding on fish, something more natural than fun, but very interesting.

It is almost an obligation sometimes to bring the children to the beach, the whole family deserts to be under the sunshine and inside the ocean waves at least ones every six month.

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Panama Beach in Guanacaste Costa Rica north side.
The nice northern beaches in central Americas.

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The unique story of a nice beach in the ocean pacific sea

Great summer time and vacations that will last for ever in the central American paradise and the raining forest, wild butterflies and tours all over the pacific coast and islands at the ocean Pacific and the gulf of Nicoya.
Hotel five stars and great restaurants with the delicious dishes ever tasted.

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MP3's Our story about every single trip in our lives accumulate trough the passing years, our minds will keep those remembers for ever and at Panama beach things are really easy to remember for children when they become adults.
Playa Conchal NairborHood

La historia de esta ciudad. En el video de abajo se miran los pajaros marinos pelicanos alimentarse de peces o mejor dicho pescado del mar.
Historia De La playa Panama, un oceano azul con forest de arboles naturales alreedor que le rodean con salvaja sabiduria.
Pronto la historia mas impresionante de Costa Rica en la playa de Panama.

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