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Learning about this magnificent Guanacaste state and the history of la Cruz is something to appreciate a lot, most of Costa Rican stories

hidden treasures of gold

Phoots: hidden treasures of gold, yellow metal and preciuos jewels.
It hides behind the cities as usually.

The perfect place to get away and get the wedding done that you desert, a place with mountains, exuberant beaches, volcanoes touching the sky and mist around, rivers with singing songs accompanying their own music, a lot of fun and much more to discover.

That's your job while inside of this Latin paradise, tropical and wild that meets the visitors expectancy for anything.

Normally some of the cities have their own identity and this one acquired from the visitors on times when the country was just beginning finding the freedom and establishing the local territories.

But for now we will wait a few time while we still finding more information to fill the right history about this city.
So we ask for more time and patience about this fulfillment.
It is well know that many citizens that travel to Nicaragua must go across this city and this could be one of many reasons why there are a lot of hidden treasures for our valuable history over.

Please take your time to get knowing our listings thru various available information with very interesting text and pictures galleries for your travel to Costa Rica.

La Playa / Beaches

Two hundred years went by like a blink on an eye and this place keeps attached to their costumes and socialized traditions, their local culture is exactly the same

Probable that is the reason why their elderly citizens have a record of living years higher on the central Americas.

Healthy people who work with patience, save their moneys to pay their monthly bills and buy good food to cook and feed their families and pets.
Sometimes when the summertime arrives and weather is drier, kind of windy and dry, then these citizens start a cow party, they all go to downtown to celebrate their saints and collect money as profit for their small shop sales and keep it to improve style of life and comfort.

That's is called the slow life style, the turtle that the airline on the plane you travel tells you prior of the international Liberia or Santa Maria landing, yes they tell you, Costa Ricans live a slow life, They tell you "Manana, quien sabe".
That means maybe tomorrow, who knows it.
They love to drink clean water, strong coffee and tortillas, cheese and chocolate all times.
A strong respect for the US coin the American Dollar and the listen to Madonna';s and Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomes music songs in English all times.
I can't go without to mention that men and women believe in love and singers like Spaniard Julio Iglesias, his son Enrique Iglesias, America diseased Frank Sinatra, Jose Feliciano, Puerto Rican Ricky Martin and Cheyenne, Elvis Presley are favorite for these business about listening to songs in English and Spanish.
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Bloque de historias Costa Rica.
Aprendamos de la historia de la cruz en el norte del pais, sus hisorias maravillosas.
En las historias Costa Rica de esta ciudad nosotros pedimos disculpas por unos momentos mas, cuando consigamos esas historia que a todos gustan. En la historia de nuestra patria, indudablente la libertad y la Cruz tiene relacion en un papel de protagonista y contribuyo con la busqueda de la libertad e identidad de esta patria Centro Americana.

The bus transportation

la historia de esta ciudad y sus historias de la gente en C R.
 Pedimos disculpas por el inconveniente y apreciamos sus visitas de corazon de nuestra parte con sinceridad.
por favor sirvanse de las paginas ya terminadas, ellas se encuentran en la direccion de noticias en solidamerica para el mundo, ademas desde la pagina frontal se llega a varios destinos que son muy interesantes tambien.