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Taste great Latin seafood cooking style, at restaurants for dinner and lunch.
Ennjoy with family the top tasty seafood cooking locally
(Photo: Water running pure)

water running pure

A sport for men to practice, not a macho, instead a good cow rider, yes the best videos online for best Latin American category.

Las Juntas, city known as the water city in Costa Rica.
At trip to the whole world will no pay for a strong friendship sharing at the city where you were born and why not to visit and stay to share the beauty and magnificence nature of this city.

A few cities in Guanacaste have so much waters running thru the whole town

It is very interesting to see that also the city is located at bottom of mountain ranges and the many old golden mines are located at that town territory too
So many tourism arrives over there to check it up.

But when we try to coincide about the fact that as many cities in the state of Guanacaste, Las juntas occupies a place of adventure and a level of respect for the very old habitants of it.

A city with a few streets, hidden from the main highways and that it also has many beautiful ecosystems for the pacific
Video observer for the pirate bull, taurus typical party and servings for table seafood cooking for everyody.
Bulls on the stage celebration.

What means Las Juntas De Abangares? Ok, we know It means They Are Together in English, but that can be the meaning of it, and what is Abangares? that is something that our older citizens together will have to answer soon while living nearby spectacular green mountain ranges, because they know all respect to this city.
We will be visiting with that only purposes and of course for many pictures too.
(Photo: Rio Santa Lucia river waters)

rio santa lucia river waters

Thank You for your patience and for now just thin that when w visit Las juntas
We are going to see another amazing Costa Rice life style with remarkable Guanacaste's shaping in shrimp and lobster cooking foods and pronunciations of Spanish language and with very gorgeous women and flowers on landscapes.

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Toro El Pirata, Corridas De Toros

"youtube com / watch?v=QSq83hR_c-w" Video Youtube Channel Related People's Culture Party
Cultural typical local people Party

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Las juntas es conocida como la ciudad de las aguas.
Una amistad en la tierra que te ve nacer vale mucho mas que todos los viajes alreedor del mundo y porque no visitarla y quedarse a compartir una de esas buenas fiestas de toros en esta maravillosa ciudad llena de encantos femeninos y de naturaleza con variads nacientes de agua magica y transparente.

Videos Ticos y celebraciones nacionales.
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En lo demas queda pendiente el que nosotros hablemos de la historia de esta hermosa ciudad durmiente en las faldas de montanas y minas de oro abandonadas desde hace muchos anos.
Se busca a los enamorados de tiquicia, la tica linda
Para que con sus variados negocios pueden generar empleos en esta gran conmunidad abangarena.
Digamos que las juntas esta localizada entre montanas y valles en guanacaste de oro.