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The pacific side in this country has a variety of hotels, national Costa Rican parks, exuberant islands and a lot of sunny beaches waiting to be discovery some day in summer or raining season too.

Let the imagination bring the surprise to your eyes and tell the world about this paradise.

Some of the most visited cities and the most attractive places on Earth.
Getting the best benefits from the original sources of nature and still being happy by enjoying top dinners, top quality services from waiters and waitresses, resort managers and all local hardworking personnel.

You will discover the good news on travel packages and plans this year! Spend several nights at downtown San Jose, Escazu, Santa Ana, Heradia.

Una cita de amor le espera. Algunas de las ciudades de guanacaste en Costa Rica.
Dirigirse abajo por los botones de cada una de las ciudades Guanacastecas.

Todas las ciudades del mundo que tienen como nombre Santa Cruz History, Historia viva Santa Cruz.

Bienes y Raices a la venta.
Bienvenido a la ciudad Guanacaste

Bagaces Centro City

La Bahia Garza



El Coco

La Cruz

Las Juntas De Abangares



Playa Flamingo

Playa Panama

Playa Potreros

Playa Samara

Santa Cruz Worldwide

Tamarindo Resorts Beach

Windy Tilaran

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From all the beaches of this magnificent country, we can name some available for now but they are many in this province and the visitation is normally arriving to national airports locate at two major provinces, Airport Juan Santamaria in Alajuela, at the front of the main entrance of downtown and the other is at Liberia, on the outside of Downtown.

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From that place are many options to reserve for yourself a rent a car or any rental vehicle and the available many hotels in downtown San Jose ( capital ) or Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago and finally in the pacific south or north are many another good class hotel or bread and breakfast, city or mountain cabins and motels.

(Photo: stunning waterfalls travel destinations).
Just listen the thunderous roar as water spills, this should captivate your peace and silence.
(The stunning waterfalls travel destinations somewhere in the ciudad Guanacaste)
Find a good class hotel to stay sevral nights, if not weeks and months. Best deals on packages

stunning waterfalls travel destinations

El ser un Guanacasteco es un orgullo y aun mas si se sabe montar a caballo y cantar a una bella dama guanacasteca tambien.
Que podriamos decir de tan hermosa y la rica provincia que ya casi todo el mundo lo haya hecho por nosotros.
Esta bien, digamos que por alla en Guanacaste se mueve una verdadera revolucion economica, las tierras se venden como pan caliente y que la moneda de USA, suena muy bien. Nuestros Guanacastecos y hacendados continuan vendiendo sus bellas montanas por millones de Dolares.

Parques Nacinonales En Guanacaste y Toda Costa Rica Y Se Cree Muy Pronto Habran Mas Disponibles.

Available Costa Rica's National Parks and we believe some will be much more very soon.
A Santa Rosa
D El volcan Rincon de la Vieja
E Las Baulas
F.LA Reserva de Palo Verde
G. LA Barra Honda
H. El Volcan Arenal
I. El Volcan Poas
J. El Parque Braulio Carrillo
K. El Crater del Irazu
L. La Reserva de Guayabo
LL. El Parque Nacional del Tortuguero
M. La reserva de Cahuita
N. La Amistad
O. El parque Chirripo
P. El parque Manuel Antonio
Q. El parque Marino Ballena
R El parque del Corcovado

Ademas las companias siguen construyendo grandes complejos
turisticos que casi ya no caben en el area, o si.
Y que la vida es un poco mas facil para aquellos que en lugar de trabajar honestamente, no lo hacen a la luz del dir­a, sino que se pierden en la oscuridad del placer y desenfreno.

Pero que va a pasar con los buenos y honorables Guanacastecos, parece que talvez se adaptaran al cambio, o no?.
El Guanacasteco comun es una persona de mucho coraje y orgullo, y el trabajo del campo no lo asusta, por el contrario, no puede vivir sin el.

hotel riu pools

Pero tambien hay muchos profesionales nacidos alla, por las ciudades Guanacastecas.
Son muchas las playas bellas en donde tomar unas vacaciones, y no solo las pueden visitar los turista, lagente de Costa Rica y si no las mantenemos limpias, podriamos perderlo todo.

Poner, colocar tu empresa al frente en los negocios de Nicoya, en Canas, Liberia, Nandayure, las Juntas de Abangares, la frontera, colocar en Nandayure, la Cruz, Santa Cruz, playa Tamarindo, playa Carrillo, playa Samara, playa Coyote, playa Brazilito, playa Hermosa, playa Panama, playa Ocotal.

The Guanacaste's Citizen is usually a proud person and even more if these Guanacastecan know how to sing a song to a beautiful lady and ride a horse.
What can we say about such a rich Costa Rican province, to ad something different to everybody have already said for us.
Ok, lets say that over the place, an economy revolution is happening, the land (farms and houses) is getting sold as hot bread, just from the oven and the United States of America's coin (Dollar) sounds pretty good.
Our farms owners.

Make sure you have a car reserved before the trip or during the trip and tours.
Best local rental vehicle firms, agencies

It is also important to say that the majority of Costa Ricans have some time in their vacations taken at least couple of days in the warm waters of the amazing beaches and landscapes of This state and many important Us citizens and Hollywood actors have their own peace of the pie in this terrific Costa Rican place destinations.

The Airport of Liberia has the name after the Costa Rica ex president Daniel Oduber.
Mel Gibson Hollywood film manager / famous actor ( he has home built, a ranch or huge villa ) , just as a example.
( Guanacastecos) are continuing selling their

Property for millions of dollars, even further many corporations are still building huge complexes buildings for tourism, and they almost don't fit in the area.
And that the easy life becomes frequently for some dishonest people that in the dark of the night, they get lost in between pleasures and extra freedom, instead of been honest and work like anybody else does. But what will happen with the nice and honest Guanacastecans, it seams that they maybe get adjusted to it.
The normal and common citizen is a person with courage and once again a proud people.