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Information totally for free. (Photo of a green farm, the green land La Finca).

geen farm la finca

Making sure people check their physical health and insured themselves before going for long walking to places
Personal Health conditions can become unstable after so much exercise and enjoyment surprises.
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This city remains one of the most visited by tourism on a traveling to Guanacaste. From there as soon they find a hotel and reserve a comfortable and affordable room or rooms, the whole program can be arranged to make of a simple trip, an outstanding vacation a complete success and wile you take the time to find out about Canas

Guanacaste's history and citizens life style, including culinary foods, you will be delighted about how special these town is.

So many classic trips by boat and floating on the river's waters, it makes it perfect for Tourists.
Especially bird watchers and the lovers of nature . Tremendous beautiful sceneries and wildlife along the Corobici River waters, As you leisurely raft along this tranquil (quiet) river, you might spot one of the more than 310 species of birds from the nearby Palo Verde
The main international Guanacaste
National Park.
Scenic river trips for bird watchers and professional naturalists. Among the more normally seen birds are Ospreys, Kingfishers, Cormorants, and blue, Tiger and boat-billed herons. The selected wildlife in the area includes Otters, Howler Monkeys ( Congo Black), White-Faced monkeys, Iguanas ( grey and green) and many other types of lizards. A delicious Native-style can be arranged also after you finish rafting. This is the calmest rafting trip in America, suitable for everyone, the elderly must make sure of the health condition before to take a trip of the magnitude in Costa Rica (adopted Tall star)

a star on the top of the church

Temperatures and climate changes some times can be an obstacle for them& and is a must in combination with your additional tours to beaches or Monteverde city and forest attractions in general
Locals Life Style, Puntarenas Tours

We always try to avoid the boring history of nations, you know that history where you must to read a thousand different dates and names in order to understand the meaning of a country or town names, but in this case we do an exception ( in English sugar cane). If you have a better explanation about it, just let us know.

It means in Spanish language, the city that in past times did live depending of sugar cane plantations and adopted this name also because of a prominent Costa Rican Doctor, a famous Mr. Jose Maria Cañas Mora (Medical Professional, who after death was clamed to appear to sick people and cure them as the older citizens told with other, it was a miracle of the saint).

A doctor who was part of the 50's history and about signing an international agreement with Nicaragua and evolves the Us, about the San Juan River limits with this country and the northern neighbor Nicaragua.

Britney Spears can tell a little more in detail about how it is to travel and have connections with the most relevant of America's wild and sophisticated nature.
She knew while visiting inside this great country, her wild life would turn around one hundred degrees to better and good.
Believing that Mr. Mel Gibson greatly influenced that particular trip, and he did a job well done.

As far of the destinations to the Pacific Ocean beaches, from the city.
It is possible finding many kind of beaches, they are coral reef beaches, rocky, with stones, and sands grey and white, and also with shells beaches ( close of Brasilito), bluish black, tan color, and pink colored and with crystals rocks (quartz minerals).
Always is important to be prepare for any eventually other trips that might appear in your way, for example older gold mines in Las juntas city.
This is a version English Spanish  (Photo El Llano Waterfalls)

waterfalls - cataratas  el llano

Mas Abajo esta un Video Musical tipico (Fotos Cataratas El Llano.)
Es esta hermosa ciudad cuna de muchas famosas fiestas de toros, en ella los grandes eventos nunca termina, las gentes saben vivir y compartir sus creencias con mucho carino para todos sus visitantes locales e internacionales. Viajar, viajar sin limites siempre.
Muchos saludos para los caneros.
El Espanol queda pendiente con las historias, y para eso tendremos que visitar a los caneros alla en su ciudad, para preguntarles cual es su punto de visitar.
Nosotros rogamos a todos los vecinos de la ciudad que al ver esta pagina, pueden participar en ponerla completa, facilitando todas las fotografias antiguas posible e informaciones que posean acerca de su ciudad.