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Brasilito beach and Conchal beach (fully loaded with all colors shells).
If it sounds like the country brazil, the news is not really the same, brazil is a huge south America nation and our small city.
(Photo: Brasilito beaches).

ocean views flamingo

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Get to know more about the beauty in Guanacaste, we have an outstanding place, full of memories treasures from many People that have stayed then built a long lasting story brasilito beaches and business in the most near by beaches to Flamingo beach located at Guanacaste
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La playa

Vacations everlasting in Guanacaste and bracelets beaches, as they are some of the best beaches for vacation time.

Bringing your family, your best friends, girlfriend, wife or anybody you like, these wonderful spots beaches with transparent waters and blue seas, shells instead of sands are always some of the joys that a regular human being must see before anything else.

Party and nature, it seems they go together at Brasilito and near by Conchal beach.

Almost with no words on how to describe this wonderful place, we ask for a small time vacation for us while we go over there and swim a little and take some snap shut with our cameras from far about the most beautiful landscapes, buildings and why not about the most attractive female swimmers and tourism and surfers at the beach and hotels of Conchal, Brasilito, Playa Samara, Playa Tamarindo, Flamingo, Panama beaches and some other too, so about the history we don't know jet if there is any, but for sure we will get it soon.

The ocean waves are very gentle, they are the pacific ocean and of course it is calm.
Sports can be practice without any trouble, beginning because the local people are nice and with great hospitality, plus there are several hotels, cabins and bed and breakfast, bread and breakfast services everywhere in town. The prices for hotel rooms are always changing and it doesn't matter how much is the cost at this time if it will obviously change soon.

A distance from Liberia of two hours driving in winter or raining season and about one and half in summer.

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Video Playa Conchal Views, Panorama visual y tropical
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A sabiendas de en guanacaste estan los lugares mas bellos y las playas mas blancas y de color Gris con aguas azules y naturaleza verde, no hay como hospedarse en uno de esos fabulosos hoteles de muchas estrellas, pero no todos podemos hacer lo de los hoteles. Entonces alquilemos una pequena cabina de veraneo y vamonos a pasear sanamente con toda la familia o con los mejores amigos, nuestra esposa la conchita o inclusive nuestra bella companera, la novia y talvez tendremos grandes bellos momentos innolvidables para siempre de brasilito y la playa conchita, conchal.

Aquella maravilla terrenal de solo conchas en lugar de arena y la playa hermosa del lado tambien..
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