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If after watching this surfing video still need more info, then look all WebPages in the website and get a better grab.

The citizens over there don't know that we are writing about their place, history and style f life, hotels, cabins, restaurants, parks, rivers and even their preferred beaches too.

Soon the pictures
The details and much more, we just have to wait some time and it will be ready
And by the way, Garza is a white or colorful bird that lives from fishing sea food and she looks like a flamingo in many ways, we guest there are many birds as a kind of reserve.

Actual the place called bahia Garza is very close to many other places, usually beautiful scenarios, some SAMARA for example
That it is a well known spot in the estate of Guanacaste.

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A Town Located Between some beach resorts, a village with many fisherman, boats and business based in tourism and sports, surfing and water other sports.

But the sorting the pieces of information from those as we have said before, the elderly

The ones that are holding fantastic stories to tell us.

Lets go ahead and ask and print them for future reference of the world.
About this small town goes further of what many people in Latin America are thinking.
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They live what we say sometimes, " the life at the beach " or " life a beach ". Cool.

Can you image
We getting to wakeup everyday and get to enjoy the smell of the white and shiny sands of those outstanding paradises, or at the afternoons get to picture into our minds the grateful sunsets of the wonderful nature donated by a superior been.

What is a Bahia anyways?
Ok, it is the slide show of the see into to major landscapes and the spot where you are is just in the middle
sSo at the inside group of beaches in a continuity and evenly view alone with the pacific coast.

Land of princes and the prince, beautiful landscapes and white beaches, a lot of fish and seafood.
Visitors are nature lovers and tourism from america, Europe.

Una pequena localidad cercana a la playa samara, una bahia llena de recuerdos e historias de pescadores guanacastecos.

Pronto tendremos mas de estas historias, incluyendo muchas fotografias.
Por ahora tengamos mucha paciencia.

Tierra de principes y sentidos a volar, blancas playas y incribles montanas, playas y mucho mar, muchos peces y mariscos, turismo y hoteles.
Paradero turistico tico. La tierra del princpe.

Se cree que en brasil existe una ciudad con el mismo nombre y a la cual se le hizo una bellisma cancion en portugues.  pra las companais de brasil ver
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