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The Costa Rican stories four seasons. .
The new ways to explain the unexplicable.
The local history and Tthe real people when weather is a major issue and affect their moods in summer, raining seasons
" The winter (raining season) "
Show and tell four seasons. The same story always will repeat words each time someone new makes the visit to a historical place at south Americas.
Lets start talking about saying this town province has gorgeous beaches, amazing landscapes, volcanoes, flora and fauna surprising and colorful.
A thousand reasons why to have the next wedding celebration, and spending time off from big cities around the globe.

very important one thing!
Do not spend ten days or more just discovering the city capital Costa Rica, go out in a trip to the country's interior, talk with elders people and try to taste their dishes.

Those are very interesting moments to share, specially if you have a digital video photography camera with you

For students it is like the eternal vacation place while they are studying at local Spanish schools, for investors it is just the best ever deal done in the entire lives, and for nature lover one more reason to be away from the other places that never gave them the real thing.
One thing about hidden treasures and much more nature's treasures to discover.

The beauty of been a human, and when we find out the inexplicable, the wonderful and the stories told by some one that we found in the bus stop, while we were waiting for several hours and maybe we were traveling to the capital Costa Rica with the name San Jose, or somewhere else like Liberia at the heart of Guanacaste.

That's why the person that we found in this tour could be an older nice lady traveling Costa Rica, a young man, or an older man traveling Costa Rica too, the fact is that they have those wonderful stories to tell us.

Sometimes because of a picture, an image of something in their property, something as an antique, a piece of furniture, a collectible item as a piece of jewelry, a ring that worse a million for a lasting relationship with someone special, a love long lasting relationship, or something about some other person that lived long time ago, even before the colony times.
we just have to listen at them and learn.

We will place this city story soon, and when that happens you will be amazed of it, because if we talk about who did lived there at Bagaces.

 we can say that beginning because of the town name, it was given from the the grand Chief Indian mr. Bagatzi who for a long time ruled that region much before the Spaniard arrived from Spain, yes, indeed our story will not be about him because he did not speak Spanish or English at all.

So lets wait a little more time to complete the writing and we will be back soon.

Can't find the real yellow gold treasures all by yourself on a tour unforgettable ever.
Then you could hire the tourism guide to start guiding you torch the mountains where years ago pirates bury the precious golden coins and artifacts
("Photo for illustration only!")

gold chest treasure

La historia de esta ciudad, muy pronto, esperenla.
Bagaces en Costa Rica.
Las Verdaderas Historias de las Americas.
La contribucion es plenamente al continuo trabajo de un pueblo, una ciudad y todo un pais, asi es como se llega a la historia d una pequena ciudad en guanacaste.
Como cuando nosotros nos sentamos al asiento de la parada del autobus or tomar el autobus y esperamos por largas horas un medio de transporte para viajar a san jose o quiza a liberia en busca de otra historia propia.

Escribimos esas historia fantastica de nosotros o los que vivieron antes de nuestra existencia, mas all del pasado colonial, los pimeros en nuestra bella y facinante america. Bagaces tiene muchas personas que saben contarnos sus pequenas anecdotas, y a ellos se las contaron tambien sus abuelos.

Sabemos que existen y algunas estan en forma de footografia, pieza antigua o antiguedad, quizas una sortija, una larga relacion amorosa, un libro, una mirada de una viejesita mayor o un hombre joben.

Se ve claramente que cuando esperamos hay otros que hacen lo mismo y en una conversacion amena nos enteramos de los inexplicable, lo marabilloso de ser costarricense, humano y latino americano.
Por eso pronto tendremos esta historia, esperemos que sera muy buena.