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Adventure Tour Costa Rica Travel Guide

Note Be Aware That: Blue Fonts Stand For Blocks in Spanish Language Text, Except the Internal-Linking Sentences Are Not.

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Our apologies for the inconvenient of both languages in only one page, this is the way is done, Than You

As our guest you are invited to be on our pages to understand Our style and culture from mow and past. There are plenty of spectacular digital prints from historical buildings, built by Spaniards, French, and Italians many years ago.

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Below there is a lead to the place's history as the opinions from your personal trip advisor
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Toucan with Rainbow pick, bird, greatest good nature images.
The facts are easy to digest, there is a complete list available.
Whether they are for a pleasure or any other reasons. Consideration

it is the time to look around and flash some shots with your cameras or make some video that will last for ever as great memories for your record collection about natural things you ever seen.

Search the people, the graphics, comments in the world's ultimate and sublime city guide.

The toucan's secret weapon, " the sharpen beak " and colors, exotic bird, from natural forests, wild and fruit lovers like nobody's Ideas.
information and pictures gallery to the top of America, so simple!
If You feel tired and really want to be on vacations, after such a long time in your job or maybe

Short and Long Stories, Latina America society and all kinds of women, man, children, and why not animals, all-inclusive exotic as some.

To all the tourism coming our way, we welcome you with open arms, and hope when the returning back, they will tell Their family, and friends, too.

In the meantime we are delighted to serve you with our best wishes...Please

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The Pacific Zone

Tourism Adventures


Tours to San Jose
San Jose, Great Place to enjoy museums and art at the best ever
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Community ESCAZU



Capital City | San Jose Centro - Downtown

San Pedro Near College

Santa Ana City







Una forma de viajar por toda esta nación, solo una
por una de las mas conocidas partes por ciudad. La fiesta de amores
escondidos de las Américas

Ver en pantalla de cortesía, Previews de tv y
películas antes de hacer una compra. Rico bienes y raíces. Fama y mas fama,
Si nos vistaron e hicieron historia.
No importa que producto usted ofrece
Anúnciar en su ciudad hoy mismo. Farm for sale in Guanacaste.
Para Viajes, motivo viajar a San José Rica y aprender.

La Uruca 5 Cinco Esquinas Moravia Hatillo Acosta ciudad Colon Coronado desamparados Escazu Guadalupe San Isidro San Jose Centro San Pedro Santa Ana Pavas Puriscal San Marcos San Sebastián Tibas Sabana
Es la hora de que usted como visitante para nuestro país, conozca mas acerca de los Costarricenses

Empezar con encontrar todo acerca de los los Ticos, y como se vive y se ganan la vida Por cada ano básicamente.

Normalmente un Ciudadano de nuestro país trabaja en su empleo cuarenta y ocho horas por semana, y viaja una distancia de 15 quince kilómetros, como lo máximo para llegar a sus trabajos o empleos. La mayoría son fanáticos al fútbol ( balón pie o Deportes de cabeza ) y ellos constantemente hablan de eso, los deportes nacionales y sus equipos, por un average de dos horas en el tiempo dentro de sus trabajos

Los mas jóvenes disfrutan el video y escuchar, bajar de la Internet la música en dos Idiomas.
La mujer madura ( y algunos hombres ) disfrutan las telenovelas por la TV por cable color, satélite y antenas de aire ( programas de la televisión del y México ). Por supuesto las gentes de todas las edades miran la televisión a colores por cable.

Las mayorías asisten a lo nuestro, son turistas, inversionistas con sus inversiones, desde el Canada, Estados Unidos y Europa, y por supuesto nosotros los cuidamos y amamos, porque traen la oportunidad de diversidad.

It is time for you as a guest to take your time and get to know more with Us. Lets begin by finding out how important it is for them to make a living on a yearly basis.
Normally, a local citizen works forty-eight hours a week, and travel 15 kilometers at the most to and from their job. The majority of these people are major soccer fans
Soccer Football Games Addiction | Deportivo Futbol

And they constantly talk about it for an average of two hours a day, during their time while they are in their jobs. The young people love the hearing and listening, search downloads from internet, search music songs and latest top music videos

in English Teach | Teach Spanish Courses to Students First Second Grade
The mature women (and some men) enjoy soap Operas - soap opra or soap opra on television ( these
programs are usually made in Country Biz Venezuela
Mexico and Brazil music videos from local artist singer ).

Of course, all Ages like to watch cable channels, if they are capable.
The US Citizen group, Canadians, Europeans or investors with their investments are majority of our visitors, we Love Them, because they bring opportunity for profits and economy development, jobs for all.


See Video Volcano Arenal |Ver El Video

Continuous Eruptions, natural pyroclastic & hot lava flows of volcano Arenal, packed into a 3 minute Time Lapse media job, a cool funky groove. Detours Adventure Productions is located at high lands in La Fortuna de San Carlos. Making travel and promo provide education tips and tricks for north, central, invite to visit south magical places like Machu Pichu in Peru, angel falls in Venezuela, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, Miami, Orlando, News to South Beach in Florida Music and Entertainment Capitals like Nashville, Las Vegas, For Latinos in Las Angeles LA , New York City and more.

Details The land of Juan Santa Maria and the Air Port Alajuela info













Immigration for this country has asked to all aliens to go to their countries and certify their police reports, translate all documentation and deliver it to the consulate office to get them approved by the consul representative, prior to a limit of thirty days time to achieve the requirements inside.
Good luck enjoy
The ruins that has happened to the main church, at the same time it also happed to Esparza, the second greatest, with a colonial times and remains of broken up churches.

Manning Spanish:
Tambien completados. Aguas Zarcas central-Alajuela Atenas La Fortuna Grecia Naranjo palmares Pital Poas SanCarlos SanRamon zarcero.

Cartago Downtown Information Guides | Cartago Información


3 Tres Ríos


Cartago Central | Centro De Negocio

These details for info Cartago información, paraíso tres ríos Turrialba
Viajes al Paraíso, descubrir los Tres Ríos, y reservación para Turrialba, listo.
La Colonia en América y su trayecto por esta tierra hermosa, Para enmarcar un pasado bastante culto y de muy buenas costumbres, para la Cartaginés, le llamamos, mejor dicho, son Americanas bellísimas.

Information and patriotism from the ruins. Volcano, Volcanoes | local active volcanoes.

Volcano Poas, a spectacular scenic crater, you got to see this!
It is any Mountain place where lava, ashes, gas is castled out or erupted.

Some of this elements erupted by one of this volcanoes may cover an entire Place or perhaps the entire continent, as in millions of years ago.
They are constructed of lava and ash that piles up around a vent or perhaps multiple vents.

Most of these mountain erupt hundreds or perhaps thousands of times during their lifetimes, and each of these eruptions provides some material to build one.

However, some eruptions involve the collapse of the side of the giant or perhaps the collapse inward of the magma chamber to form a big caldera. In these eruptions the overall effect that you see is that the volcano becomes smaller.
All through its life a volcano is experiencing both the construction events and destruction events.

There is always a possibility that many animals and people living in the volcano surroundings will die in the event of an eruption when it is not expected.
IRAZU, Irazu, it is active one, which it is constantly monitored an the most visited.
In 1963 Were the last major Eruptions And Finished in 1965, Also in 2007 And 2018 It Presented Some Minor Activities.

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The crater the with a color bright greenish and yellow of the lake caused by rainfall dissolving the minerals along the craters walls.
It is the highest volcano at 3,432 meters.
At The East Side of the central Valley.

The admission center Scenic overlook at the volcanic area has a coffee shop with tables, serving from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Area approx. 6,000 acres. Max. Elevation under 12000 meters Sea level, Temperature 40F - 45 annual average precipitation (rain fall) 80 inches annual average.
Driving over there directions from San Jose
Take the highway and enjoy the landscapes wile you drive to Cartago. Ones In there, Ask or See Your map
An asphalted road winds through the mountains all the way to the visitor center. and scenic overlook.
Braulio Carrillo National Park, Central Volcanic Forest Reserve, Other nearby Parks are, the Turrialba Volcano National Park, Guayabo National Monument.

Exuberated and warm prestigious Caribbean cities
LIMON | Green LIMA | Green LIME
Limon | Lima green lime place for the best carnival Party.
The Atlantic exportations, the export port.
When we have discovered the wonders of this part of our world, it is normal traveling back all time.

Batan, Bribri, Cariari, Guacimo, Guapiles, Limon, rio frio, Siquirres son lugares de limon que se pueden vistar. Batan Bribri Cariari Guacimo Guapiles Limon Rio-Frio Siquirres



GUACIMO Location in the Atlantic Section


LIMON Location in the Atlantic Section

RIO-FRIO Location in the Atlantic Section


No matter what you search for, you will find it with us, Just land at our pages, we have prepared them for more. Many Romantic Honeymoons Are Happening Every day

Toucan Birds Of Costa Rica - Toucan Colors

The National Coin "a Colon", buy for 433.50 Exchange proximally an American Dollar and sells is for 545.00 colones to public (the exchange market isn't established on a point, it changes every day ups and downs).

Approximately ( Numbers might change time to time! Plural For Colon coins ) Is Equal To $1.00 U.S Dollar.
Revising economical news and announcements with global and national character the BCCR is an abbreviation for Banco Central, about money exchanging people can check their respective information online for money exchange and dollar n particular
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Español: Mira Nuestros clasificados, Compre o Venda de todo, se puede mirar toda la información de banco Central, para el tipo de cambio del dólar, la compra y la venta.
Revisando los últimos acontecimientos económicos nacionales y globales con respecto a la economía este banco tiene la ultima palabra en este gran país.

Landscape that shines like gold and a smooth breeze touches your face with love at the most commented climate of our country.
Orotina, Parrita, Golfito, Ciudad Neily, Esparza, Chacarita, Jaco-Beach. Continuing later.

The Love town

















Community EL-ROBLE





Mas En lengua Espanola: En Puntarenas ( the love town Orotina), Parrita, Golfito, Ciudad Neily Esparza, la gran Chacarita, no stress in Jaco Beach, Cobano, Miramar, el Cocal Herradura Beach Malpais, Barranca, una ciudad llamada Buenos Aires, Quepos, Paquera el-Roble, Barrio el-Carmen, El Centro Puntarenas La Península Osa, Santa Elena Monteverde.

Ciudad-de-Cobano, Miramar Altura, El-Cocal, Herradura Beach, Malpais, Barranca, la aventura en Buenos Aires, Quepos y Manuel Antonio, Paquera, El-Roble, Barrio El Carmen, el-Centro y la Península de Puntarenas, Península Osa, están completas.