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Eighteen Hundreds Land Traditions

Popular farmers events annually and faith on what they are doing is right
It is like any other place in south America
This is happening with the difference that they know how to share the wonders that history and nature gave to them.
Visit it and make the reservation for a hotel room as soon as possible, set up various tours and trips by the many available Costa Rican choices today.

When walls fall down and people work hard to stand them up, their believes and trust are two things that reside on those wall from yesterday.
An earthquake broken every single block from the Spaniard European church buildings, the locals start it up again, then another earthquake left zero on the ground and they again stood up and rebuild the church again.

The capital original, the greatest original capital city located in Costa Rica.
Every 2nd day of August, a major celebration is held in all of Costa Rica for The Virgin Of Los Angeles.

The caravan begins in the most remote places of this country, and by the exact time on August 2 second, the exhausted followers, our Catholic citizens, are in the City " Cartagines " Los Angeles Cathedra for their trust in healing of their hurting. or perhaps someone they know and love to be cured and healed forever.

They pray all day long and many have slept at Cartago, and this tradition is called " The Romeria del Dos de Agosto " Many people can buy the Spiritual Water at the church sites, and so many even have traveled from all 5 Continents to be there this particular day.

Now, that is real faith in the Lord's Mother, The Virgin Mary.

It is just like refreshing their faith and healing pain and being forgiven, for a new opportunity for a better life and getting more strength for years to come.
This is C R as the tourism alls us sometimes, a country full of surprises and beliefs, It is a country with real true feelings and without covers, with people that give their trust without asking anything in return.

Welcome and Please be between us and get to know our style of life.
A very long time ago, my mother took me to the Cartago's church " Iglesia De Los Angeles" and , she said to me..." Son, I want you to enter in the church in your knees ".

When I saw the length of the aisle to the altar, I thought, "Umm, maybe I can't do this"

But I did, at least For a while my mother prayed and then she said to me, " Son, lets go underneath the stairs
And when I saw the thousands of gold offerings that were given to the Virgin for the proof of faith in order for the visitor to get their needs to be met

I then asked, " mom, what is this about? ", and she said..." Shhh, don't ask, I will tell you later while we travel back home ".
But, I never knew what it was, until I was older, and my mother was not in this world anymore.

It was about believing, having faith, and praying to the Virgin Mary.
And feeling better and not holding anymore pain caused by our attachments to material things because the brightness of gold was pulling me away from God. I understand now, Mama, Thank You!

Para todos, somos la mas se parece a cualquier otra ciudad en centro y sur Americas, pero con la diferencia de que su gente sabe compartir lo que les fue legado por la historia y la naturaleza. Visitela y haga su reservacion de habitacion en un hotel hoy mismo.

La grande ciudad desde la colonia espanola de America

Hace mucho tiempo atras, mi madre me llevo a la basilica de Cartago, a ver la virgen de los Angeles. Elle me dijo asi hijo mio quiero que entres en tus rodillas a la iglesia, cuando mire cuanta gente caminaba en sus rodillas tambien hasta el altar, pense que talvez yo no podria hacerlo, pero lo hice.

Mi madre oro por un rato y despues ella me dijo, mira hijo, vamos bajemos por las escaleras, y fue cuando mire las miles de ofrendas ofrecidas a la virgen para que se cumplieran sus promesas. Le pregunte a mi mama, que es todo eso?
Ella respondio con su susurro.. chssssss no pregunte, te lo dire mas luego cuando vayamos de vuelta a casa.

Pero ella nunca me lo dijo, y fue hasta que yo madure mas, cuando mi madre ya no estaba en este mundo. Es acerca de creer y tener a fe, orando a la virgen a la virgen Maria (Jesus mother".. y sentirse bien, al no estar atado a el brillo del oro y cosas de materia, porque ese brillo nos separa del cielo. Comprendo ahora, gracias mama.

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