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En Espanol: La versión mundial que explica la Historia

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Seguramente muchas personas han estado en la basílica de esta gran ciudad tica y por ende visitaron o visitan las para hacer importantes ofrendas que definitivamente en nombre de la fe divida, ellos tienen plena creencia en la recompensación y cura a sus padeceres.

Una fuerza de voluntad los mueve hacia adelante y el puro dolor del pesado camino no es razón para ellos pedecer (caer cansados y agotados sin energía), continúan como soldados de hierro hacia adelante y con fe Historias.

Todas esas respuestas y algunas historias encontraremos cuando conversamos con los de mas edad, si los de mas edad y sin consultar ningún libro.

Pues la historia de esta ciudad debe ser única y exclusiva para los Ticos.
Muy pronto aquí se la daremos a ustedes con gusto.

Antigua Capital del pías, si eso fue y ahora que es Cartago Central, a que se dedican, cual es la historia, de que viven los ciudadanos de la poderosa antigua ciudad.
Amor de los ticos Emblema o el escudo de la ciudad Cartago |

English Version For the Rest Of US
Pray If You Believe and If It Does Make You Happy!

Love for you, love for the world and the life love number one, city emblem, emblem of the city. Pictures and images.
Original better capital city, city of faith and persisting imploring to divine powers for cure and freedom, they take long walking against rain and heat till arriving to downtown and the main church.
The power for faith and hope.

Some pictures from now are available, they are good pictures strait from there. It is just a small travel from San Jose, and don't Forget To Visit Orosi, it is very nice place too.

Version Americana | Made by An American Lady Many People known as on foot travelers sometimes tree days before assisting on the second of august, to visit the national's principal church, The Basilica de ( Our Lady The Angel's Virgin ) known as " Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles " in Spanish Costa Rican
To join the feast day.

The church has a Virgin statue of the Black Madonna, known as " The love Black lady " La Negrita in Spanish, who supposedly shows the great healing powers of God her son The lord Jesus. (The Orosi's Ruins)

Ruinas de Orosi, Church ruins

The sick come to her statue in hope of a miracle from La Negrita, while meantime they offer gold, Silver and Money in Different ways, leaving it at the Church in the floor below the main Church entrance.

But what is the most amazing is that some of this travelers are so many that there is no way we can count them, and with the same purpose, they claim to be healed and some even walk so much, that when they arrive to the church, you can see their physical deterioration and some without shoes are bleeding and they still continues on their knees to the end of their goals.

According to the typical folklore, La Negrita appeared to a young local native girl named Juana Pereira, in the year 1635. (Photos: Architecture Traditional old church, Spanish construction style physical structures)
The rock where La Negrita made her alleged appearance is kept in a backroom in the basilica and is revered as a sacred relic and object of inspiration and it has a fountain with running water.
This water gets sold to visitors, they believe the water heals.

The rock is not in the same place when it was La Negrita, according to Juana Pereira have seen the appearance, It was moved when the church suffered a remodeled.

It is common for pilgrims ( On feet, by foot walkers ) to touch the rock in reverence, wile they pray.

In the Central Park can be found the ruins of an earlier ( church) basilica today in 2008.

The earlier basilicas suffered many earthquakes, the last time in 1910.

The basilica's rebuilding in the same location was abandoned and the new basilica was built to replace the old one five square blocks more to the east from the old ones.

In agree with local City Hall, the declaration about of 100 blocks as " The Cartago's Historical Center ", As a matter of keeping alive the historical buildings for future generations to come.
The Christmas in Costa Rica Image Above | Árbol de navidad, los árboles de navidad (Cercanías de la basílica de Cartago)

Christmas Tree

Gold trees In Costa Rica, the top collection of trees with gold color.
Her hand, Several Organizations, all inclusive Government are applying work and electrical for lighting in the night the most important historical buildings, at night.
Costa Rican aged Churches, Antique Buildings |

Una Iglesia (Photos: End of the year, time for gifts and kids Christmas tree" Happy Marry Christmas")
The section of Cartago is a potatoes producer, and many vegetables as onions, peppers, carrots.
For example they sell fried potatoes countrywide. There is also a milking, also seen in the area, and Flowers.
The export to United States is also a source of business.

There are many experts in software in the respective area too.
The province ( state) is well known for an ecological diversity and dense tropical rainforests along the mountain ranges near the Irazu and Turrialba volcanoes

Cachi la Represa

Cartago has the national Institute of Technology ( Tecnologico "technological college"), one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country and one of Central America's most important engineering schools.
The city is the country's 3rd largest city, Founded in 1563 and it was the original Capital until 1823.
At miles from San Jose, An eruption of the Irazu Volcano in 1723 and 3 mayor earthquakes in 1822, 1841 and 1910 destroyed almost all of the older buildings and Catholic cathedral, built by the Spaniards in times of the Colony and Guatemalan kingdom.

(Left photo: water systems |
La represa de Costa Rica, Cachi para producir electricidad)
Represa de Cachi, una construcción para producir electricidad
Ya casi empieza lo que nunca termino.