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Cooler Climate, Pure Weather

Where do you want to spend the rest of your life after several years of hard working and collecting enough money to retire? personally.

photo city's art

We prefer to stay cool and have a decent home in a town where there isn't too many people.
So away from trouble it is better.

Retirement means comfort and quietness.
We asked the gardener which is the secret? his answer was, " I couldn't control the plants and tress

Social media websites aren't important if you decide to stay quiet and never give up your privacy, never comment on others profiles or photos and videos

Every second someone is born, a full family become happy around the newborn baby

Then I remember my father's words about join them if you can't win against them. Since then we are one with the purpose of making beauty everywhere.

En zarcero todos se conocen y son los mejores vecinos, asi es CostaRica, la ciudad del corazon verde oscuro y claro, los artistas estan por doquier y ennamoran a los turistas con sus artes y la natura.
Una belleza natural para retirarse y estar confortablemente con una tempreatura moderada y saludable.

Lo primero que todos podemos pensar de esta increible ciudad es que tiene un parque espectacular. Pero de quien pudo haber sido la idea, cunto cuesta mantenerlo o quienes o quien es la persona que mantiene un arte de esa embergadura.

Mi padre me decia, hijo si no puedes contra ellos porque son muchos y muy fuertes entonces unete al grupo y se parte de ellos " palabras del jardinero, quien dice que las plantas crecen por doquier y son bellas , aptas para formar figuras embelleciendo todo lo que tocan".

What in the past was just a small village
It became soon after the seventies a place only for the privileged to stay work and live.
As today's date, late 2016 17 18 and on, people just have the dream to arrive and enjoy the wonders of cool magic weather combining in harmony with greenest country's nature.

By thousands are the international tourism every year walking on the small streets
And when they go back to their home land
They dream having a piece of land, a home and perhaps a small business to stay abroad and live happy in these Gorgeous towns.
Simple and clear
It's like a temple under the skies, peace everywhere and tranquility.

They make the arts with nature and cultivate the peoples love with the wonders of this country.
In downtown Zarcero every body, everyone knows with other and they are the best neighbors
Like these big-time family.

Someone is putting that much afford to keep the park in such a good shape, an old man does, and with a big love for plants and trees.

Soon we will have in this page the Down ton city Zarcero's Information.
Costa Rica city.
Travel big-time, let the imagination carry your thoughts on how they made it, see animals made from trees and trees showing real life.

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The picture of the central park, the animal creation with plants in the downtown, art.

natural central park

Se le conoce mundialmente hoy dia pues muchos son los esfuerzos hechos para difamar esta ciudad.

Y que mas aparte del parque tenemos en esta ciudad
Si has pensado en eso... cual es la historia, de donde salio ese nombre.. Aberiguaremos pronto.

El parque, los artes en plantas, estilo tico y el arte de crear figuras en plantas, fotos.
"Photo below is a religious church"

religious church | la iglesia

Lograr mirar la naturaleza de una forma positiva. Ver animales hechos de plantas y las plantas hechas animales decorativos y de color verde natural, ver los hechos de de las hojas.

Do you like to travel, this is the opportunity, do so by letting the pictures and letters guide you across America. Allow, let solid American show everything around.

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What ever reason you might have
There always going to be a lot of things to do around and places to go.

Ended, people do not need to move in for being part of this beauty.

Find a hotel room near international airport
Also the distance between this location and the departure city San Jose and Alajuela or Liberia Guanacaste is just less than two hours on all the ways mentioned.

Giving to San Jose the priority for the closeness about 45 minutes driving in a regular car rental.

Travel with style and fair info about Geordies lands, towns and magnificent nature surroundings.

Make reservation in a three, four or five stars in this nice country
Go ahead and take the adventure, have fair vacations, you work hard and smart.