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Fiesta In Downtown

Medium tropical weather in daytime, it could at night and mist on the evenings and nights
One hour away from San Jose capital traveling by car.
The city heights American history.
Place for study at local college university.

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Soon we will have in this page the San Ramon's information, Costa Rica city.
The People Born in San Ramon are called with their own nick general name in Costa Rica " Moncheños".

San Ramon is Surrounded by many Rivers

For many years this Costa Rica city or Costa Rican town is have grow successfully coffee plantations and done milking business.

Places that locals industries are the main income for families with entrepreneur capabilities and no matter what, their relatives continue the tradition to maintain their families and send their kids to school and college as a result of their efforts

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It is important to recall that when drivers are capable to make their drive on the road from San Jose to north, San Ramon is the last city stop to your right, before you as a driver take the Cambronero hill down to

Central Pacific Coast | Ciudad De Esparza

Road to Puntarenas and Guanacaste, about one hour
The Trip To Puntarenas
And three hours to Guanacaste.

On fact to the North is it found Nicaragua.
So soon, we will get pictures for this town, we ask you to come back and check for images later, but in Puntarenas, Esparza or San Jose

Inside those pages there are some for you to look for a long time.
San Ramon has many business and a museum

A beautiful church and many attractions more.

Las Fiestas de toros y payasos. Lo primero que todos podemos pensar de esta increible ciudad es que tiene un parque espectacular
Pero de quien pudo haber sido la idea. Cuanto cuesta mantenerlo o quienes o quien es la persona que mantiene un arte de esa embergadura.

Se le conoce mundialmente hoy dia pues muchos son los esfuerzos hechos para difamar a Zarcero como un arte unico y natural, un clima y temperatura espectacular, y que mas aparte del parque tenemos en esta ciudad, has pensado en eso. Cual es la historia, de donde salio ese nombre

Aberiguaremos pronto.
Para San Ramon la hitoria reune precedentes de la Colonia, pues es una ciudad situada justo a la salida de Esparza y por San Ramon pasaron los viajeros y coloniales por muchos anos que fueron entre Cartago y Esparza.

Se les conoce como " Moncheños con cariño".
Pronto consiguiremos fotos para esta hermosa ciudad, regrese  a mirarlas.
Nos falta mas, mucho mas historias, y varias leyendas que daremos a conocer muy pronto al mundo entero. La historia de esta ciudad.