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Mystical Moments, Very Original Destinations

The magic city at the bottom of a Costa Rican volcano, history of San Carlos and the golden treasure founded by a little girl fascination story.

We are working with very purpose of delivering the best information to our readers, how ever at this time this page is not completely prepared, so we ask for your apologies and give us some more time to get it done.

Keep checking from time to time for the official solid American history of San Carlos, possible with in a month, in they information English review there are several web pages from our site with a lot of people's and places history
Serve yourself of those menu and look also at the wonders of this magnificent paradise.

Each town, each place has secrets

The locals hold every single word top put all the details together and surprise visitors when they spend some free time to listen their secrets stories.

Although the majority of tourist aren't interested on what is the hidden code from locals
They still get to hear some details from tourist guides, who are persons who talk to them on the transit for each town.

Each citizen is complete adapted to local climate and when they move or visit somewhere else

The climate and weather from the new place is impacting their health. No, questions asked about local city weather in a small city like SC.

It is mainly fresh and it has a smooth breeze.

Meanwhile in Puntarenas or Guanacaste areas, the temperatures are mainly high and warm every day

Having a travel map will make life lots of easy when finding directions on your next trip.

Make a call to confirm your car rentals deals and clarify if you are going to need a all road vehicle 4x4 driving. Brink necessary clothing to stay warm or fresh (cold and hot temperatures)

So weathers are different in a short distance because of mountains and volcanoes highest locations.
Weather conditions also vary from the Atlantic areas to Central valley where San Jose and International Airport Alajuela is Located.

The Local Facts

The place has magic, because the Mayan Toltecas Incas Chorotegas Indians, some travel and some did stay, building villas and buried their relatives near a fire mountain, right on the bottom flats land " the valley".

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Historias de San Carlos leyendas tico. La Fortuna con el oro de tesoro
" The Fortune".La ciudad en las faldas de un volcan tico. los entierros de los caciques y el oro magico encontrado por una pequena nina.
En una promesa nos despedimos por ahora, por favor vea las ciudades ya termiadas en la guis de noticias de la compania y Costa Rica, muy pronto una promesa estaremos llevando esas historias de San Carlos a todo conocimiento y color, fotografias del oro de tesoro, e imagenes, posible con video tambien.

Noticieros locales.
Un evento predominante para el museo de oro precolombino tico.
An attraction called like this because mainly the items inside came from the place we exposed already " el museo leyendas tico" golden Treasure