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With a very happy effort we have put together for you study in Costa Rica as student exchange in a student exchange program, or study study in Costa Rica as a college student at a college private owned, semi public and private university.

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The visitor and the business guide user, a complete mix of natural resources in ours and yours a useful directory of well known Costa Rican and Latin American Business, USA, Europe.

The beginning of a shopping worldwide experience with only one site, solid American and the legendary city trail from the 7 seven states from an online source that you can trust.
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Although not all English names are equal to names in Spanish, the products are the same and also the business names with information about them too.
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Also go ahead and visit the city history of every province, locate the it up or down point from at those menu on every webpage from each city for San Carlos partial history.

Learning at college and getting a career and engineering degree in Agriculture how to take of the plantation fields is how the coffee plantations produce enough for new developing agro projects and keep a large profit margin for hard working men and women

Smart parents save money for their kids to start assisting advance education private university, an international college and getting their future secured. Country's development depends on how many citizens went to college and achieved their educational goal, a highest paid (big salaries) college career and degree.

Sabias que todos los nombres de productos y servicios de comercios, establecimientos comerciales y companias, empresas en general de toda america, pueden anunciarse por un precio muy confortable y modico con estos grandes y completos directorios?.

Por favor presione en los botones de el cuadro con el abecedario o alfabeto , considerando la letra con la que el servicio o tipo de negocio, producto con el que inicia y que usted necesita encontrar.
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No olvide visitar la pagina de historia de cada ciudad, presionando el botón historia de arriba. Muchas Gracias.
Arte de pinturas a la venta, cuadros de pinturas, escuelas, clases. Apartotel, apartoteles, remates y ventas de bazar

Lawyers office, bilingual consultant attorneys at law, car accident case representation, insurance cases, insurance suing for personal injuries and property damages

Abogacia derecho penal, profesion en derecho para defender clientes demandados or firmar documentacion con sello legal
Law Attorneys and Legal Firm
Paginas comerciales

COFFEE Arabica | El Cafe de Altura en la Montana
Del Cafe Expreso de Costa Rica Grano Rojo
Commercial WebPages for coffee plantations, for south America.
Almacenes, almacen, electrodomesticos y linea blanca, muebles, ropas / Shopping stores, appliances, furniture's, clothes
Alquileres Hotel Rental
House or room rentals

Car rentals, storages for rent | Alquilar casa, habitacion, maquinarias, herramientas, cabinas de montanas, buses para tours, alquileres

Auromoviles Venta de automoviles, carros, vehiculo / Car sales, new used cars for sale, financing a car, purchase motor vehicle parts replacements, accessories

Apartoteles, Una habitacion lujosa de apartotel, apartoteles / luxurious hotel for hire, room to reserve, reservations per week, month, stay room, room service, savings on the host room board deal.
Apartamentos. Apartamento en san carlos, alajuela / Apartments, apartment

Abastecedores abastecedor de comestibles, pulperia, negocio de abastecimiento / Convenient stores, food store
Alquileres alquilar dinero, alquileres, prestamos / Easy Money Lending, fast approvals Loan

Abarrotes comestibles, abarrotes / Food Delivery 100% Quality Outlets
Academia | Commercial Courses, Professional training, Job Placement | Academia De Entrenamiento, La Preparatoria
Academias y estudios de artes, costuras, pintura / Academies, academy, study schools

Bazar | Lotions, Clothing, Electrical Artifacts At The Bazaar
Bazares, remates y ventas de bazar / Bazzar.
The bar operation, bartender services, parties / Bares, reservarvaciones para fiestas, cantinas
Banking, bank, for banks /
Bancos y las financieras
Banco Centrico, Central, Publicidad Bancaria | Banking Accounts Opening

Barbershop, barber hair cuts, hair dresser, hair cuts perms /
Barbero, barberias, cortes de cabello, coloreados, tintes para el cabello, shampoo.
Creditos, targetas de credito
Credito al instante | Loans, Home Re-Finance
/ credit cards, credit card approvals instantly.
Curtains, designs, house interior design, curtain sales and whole sale / Cortinas, ventas en cortinas de disenos, importadores de cortinas, venta por mayor y detalle
Cabinas para alquilar en san carlos, arenal, platanal, alajuela, san ramon, cabinas de montanas, cerca del volcan /

Mountain River Valley Cabin, Mountain cabins for rent, close of volcanoes.
Computer sale, whole sellers, distributors repairing, hardware, software, installations, data recover, hard drive / clases de computacon, computadoras, servicio de computacion, mantenimiento, recobrar de la
Computer Laptops Recovering Data, programs Installer, Download Free App | Informacion en el Disco Duro, Reparar Instalar Programas.
Negocio establecido, las mejores empresas, hoteleras, organizacion, corporaciones, compania / Company, franchiser, enterprises, corporations.
Construcciones, ingenieros y planos, construccion contratista / Construction building company.
Meat store, meat export agency, meat supply, selling meats, pork meat, chicken / Carnes, carniceras, carniceros, exportaciones de carnes, exportadores.
Depositos de materiales, material de construccion, fabrica y deposito / Lumber outlets, construction materials.
Electricidad | Material para electricidad, servicio electrico, electricistas / Electrical accessories, electrical parts, wires for electrical job, electricians, supplier, wholesale.
Electricistas | Contractors in electrical, house electrical / Contratistas, tecnico en electricidad, partes y accesorios, cables electricos, ferreterias y material.

Electrodomesticos | Ventas de electrodomesticos, almacenes de electrodomesticos, lavadoras, refrigeradores equipos de sonido, televisores, cocinas electricas y de gas, dvd movie, liquadoras, telefonos celulares / Electrical appliances sale, department stores, music equipment, blenders, TV sets, big screen TV, cellular phones, microwaves ovens, kitchen appliance.
Imported or exported.
Escuelas, publicas o privadas, ensenanza | Study At A Private or public
Training course at schools, teaching privately.
Educar y la educacion en San carlos
Educacion De Estudiantes, Carrera Universitarial, Colegiado | Education Classes To Student
Encenanza, profersor privado, aprender, materias / Teaching professors, private teacher, tutoring Spanish, institutes of languages
Electronics, electronically equipments, technician and repairing shops, electronic school / Electronicas, electronica, talleres de electronica, taller, tecnicos
Drugstores, pharmacy establishments, medication recipes, doctor prescriptions, referral medications sales, health, appointments, consultation /
Farmacias, medicinas, prescripciones y consultas de farmacia, clinicas y medicamentos, salud, referencias medicas, farmaceuticos.
Factories, factory outlet, manufactures, manufacturing companies / Fabricas de produccion
Garajes, bodegas, parqueos, alquilar garaje
Garages Bodegas de almacenamiento | Room Storages Property Guard Boxes, Storage Rentals
Gasolineras, combustibles - | Oil changes, fuel gasoline or diesel for cars and trucks
Hotelerias, hoteles / hotel vacation time,locate your adventure
Hipotecas de primer grado, financiamientos / Home Mortgages
loans, refinance, finance, financing
Iglesias, iglesia, congregaciones, congregacion, pastores | Churches, church meetings
Joyerias, joyas, oro, reljes, relojerias, relojeros, joyeros de madera, plata, cobre y metales, piedras preciosas, regalos de matrimonio, anillos de matrimonio, anillos de compromiso | Wedding rings, engagement rings, jewelry, gold, silver, watches sales, precious gifts, diamonds, jewelry repair, wooden jewelry boxes, souvenirs.
Arte de pinturas a la venta, cuadros de pinturas, escuelas, clases / Paintings, arts studios painting

Venta de pinuras, pintores contratistas, companias, empresas / Paint for sales
Painting Contractors
painting houses, buildings, apartments, boats.
Pinturas para vender, pintar, ferreterias y tiendas de pinturas/
Paints on sale, hardware with paints, providers with paints, quality service on painting.
Money, bank lenders, loans, mortgages / Bancos, prestamos
Travel, tours, ticket travel, traveling / Viajes, agencias de viajes, viajeros.
The website for e-commerce, companies de web. / Construccion de Hospedaje websites y empresas de alojamiento
Hosting deals, web host company, agency /
Websites, website digital / Empresas de alojamiento con asistencia tecnica y profesional de paginas de web / Designing Websites
For business, hosting services, professional assistance
Webpage design services, service webs /
Paginas de internet
Diseno y Construccion | Coding WebPages, Building Sites and Mobile Apps AMP Html5 CSS e-Commerce
Logistics y Software Programs.
Zapaterias, zapatero, fabricacion del calzado / Manufacture, shoe repair shop.
Shoes, ladies shoes, gentlemen shoe wear, factory outlet /
Zapatos para damas, caballeros y ninos, fabricas de calzados, tiendas, venta de calzado al por mayor