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A Small town History

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The facts on travel by highest lands, bring warm clothing
People can perfectly live up in the mountains, drink hot coffee each morning and afternoons with home made bread
Notice that we just provide ideas for couples traveling on their honeymoon living day, elderly visitors must consult with their doctors before taking tours to higher level mountains in CR

The air is too much pure and some conditions as far of health apply.
Adventures Places

Adventure experiences in the land of people Ticos and Ticas.

City by City people travel looking at videos and pictures, some will have them already and some are in the process.
The closest town with the same name that the volcano.
A very nice way of understanding from the ones that are living day the nature most important signs of life.

The best and most interesting thing on this country is obviously to be in two different places with different weather seasons on an hour and half different
Therefore Puntarenas is not to far, go ahead from the volcano's areas small towns to know the beach and see some sunsets at the mean time.

It opens the appetite to know that great dishes are cooked in small towns like this one, remember could weather a lot of potatoes. there are several re4staurants all over town history
Take your time and know how they do their business, how they cook and how delicious is their dinning.

The happiest Latin American country really knows how to celebrate their holydays!

Poas y la historia del pueblo mas cercano al volcan Con el mismo nombre.
Rogamos paciencia con el trabajo a realizar, las fotografias de gentes e historias quedadrian pendientes.
Muy pronto estaremops con mas detalles.

Ademas su consideracion en negocio con los directorios del comercio por cada una de la ciudades de este pais seria de grandes resultados positivos y por lo consiguiente facilitaria la movilizacion de nuestros expertos fotografos a las ciudades mas lejanas del territorio de los ticos, en donde se supone se encuentra la verdadera historia de gentes quienes conviven minuto a minuto los quehaceres cotidianos cuando el coloso procesa sus actividad volcanica
Algo asi como la guaria morada y que es lo que significa para las mujeres y hombres de un pais tan bello, la nacion de Costa Rica y la mas famosa ciudad.

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