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Steps For City History, Historical Growth

Even there is another place with the same name in Europe, the place of a famous European city called Atenas in Greek-country

This is not the same
people search descriptions and meanings:
However locals people are not to be called Greeks, instead they love to be named ticos lands.

Meet people is one of the best from our nation
Drive slow wile traveling upwards on a gorgeous landscapes and searching the well known historical places of the Americas Atenas and Atenienses ".

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Without coffee it can't be the same and by all means, coffee really means a cup of brown drink, served in a cup for that particular drink only, with the meaning that it got to be on schedule always and at the same time every day.

How can we understand the coffee time has arrived and nothing moves if first it gets served, serious concern for Costa Ricans, " ( the coffee time ) la hora del cafe " ( let's have a cup of hot coffee, on fact it is 2:00 pm ) (Left Photo: Home For Sale 3 Bedroom Bath Garage).

The Atenienses from our star city are coffee agricultures, just like Naranjo or San Ramon.
It is believed on the height of it landscapes, place that it is located the best climate of the world

Accomplishing standard goals as a meet people requirements for best health of living.

So where is the best place to live a normal live in America? The only place in the world that it's climate is secure and pure (The standard in a small diameter full of life in the paradise).

concerning the history, we must have to wait for a bit, people search meeting is a slow task to do and until the pictures and stories are on our hands, our apologies for that and a recommendation to take a closer look to
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Si bien Atenas lleva el nombre de una famosa ciudad muy conocida de europa, esta parece ser mucho mas adecuada para ese nombre tan famoso.

En el no se enorgullese el de que se les llame griegos, sino Ticos de Costa Rica.
A tomar cafe caliente

Debemos esperar un poco mas para que nuestros medios logren obtener toda la informacion acerca de la ciudad mas pura del pais, las alturas le permiten gozarse del mejor sistema climatico del planeta.

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Por lo demas, estamos seguros que existen varias historias, eso lleva algo de esfuerzo y es necesario segurarse una buenas historieta para compaginar con el nombre dandose que no es una casualidad.

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Los cafetales de esta zona ocupan lugares de mucho privilegio nacional e internacional.
Colocamos motivo de seguros en cada finca